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innovatION competition

Proudly sponsored by Integrated Animal Production


If you have a clever ground-roots idea or innovation that has been incorporated into your day-to-day operations at the feedlot, tell us about it by nominating it in the ALFA Innovation Competition.

Feedlots and their employees that have implemented clever, non-commercialised innovations that genuinely make a difference to the functionality of day-to-day operations at the feedlot are encouraged to enter.

All entries will be open to the public to vote on between July and September. The winner will be determined by popular vote and announced at the feedlot industry’s premier event, SmartBeef23 taking place in Tamworth, NSW, on October 11 – 12.

  • Winner receives $2,500 

  • Runner-up receives $1,000


Applications Open​:  May 1

Applications Close:  July 16
Voting period: July 17 - September 22

Winner Announcement:  12 October 2023 at SmartBeef23 


As a guide, we are looking for innovations designed by lot feeders that relate to feed manufacturing, feed delivery, cattle processing or cattle handling, yard maintenance, occupational health and safety.


The Innovation should be about:

  • Labour saving and/or

  • Delivering improved accuracy/efficiency and/or safety in the day-to-day operation of the feedlot

  • Non-commercial


Materials for the creation of the innovation should cost no more than $5,000.

The winning innovation will be selected ‘by popular vote’ and announced during SmartBeef23.

HOW TO enter

Fill out the entry form at the bottom of this page and don't forget to attach a photo or video of your innovation.

NOTE: The information supplied on the entry form will be transferred and used as the detail included in the promotion of your innovation via the event handbook, social media and the ALFA website. Therefore, it is important that you thoroughly check all details provided on your entry form.

The Top 5 innovations determined by popular vote will be invited to bring their innovation to SmartBeef23 for display (strictly optional, not necessary to be eligible to enter/win).

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The winning innovation will be selected ‘by popular vote’ and announced during SmartBeef23. 

To vote for your favourite entry, simply click the 'heart' button on the post (this indicates a like i.e. vote). The entry with the most votes  will be announced as the winner. The entry with the second highest will be awarded the runner up. Voting is open from July 10 - September 22. The decision made will be final.


Entry Form

Upload an image of the Innovation (Jpeg)
Upload 2nd Image File
Upload 3rd Image File
Upload Video File (optional)

Thank you for entering the Award for Innovation. You will receive a confirmation email shortly.

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