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industry priorties

The Australian feedlot industry focuses on continually improving the industry through strandards and best practices.

animal welfare

There are many steps and processes involved in safeguarding the welfare of animals on Australian feedlots.

Learn more about the 5 Animal Welfare Freedoms – video series.

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Our Shade Hub provides all the tools and information you need to know about the benefits of shade. ALFA encourages all feedlots to consider the benefits that shade brings to the cattle they care for, their enterprise and collectively as an Industry.

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The Australian feedlot industry is committed to the protection of the natural environment. Responsible environmental management is critical to the economy.

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Water scarcity is a major issue in Australia and one that ALFA is addressing head on. Water scarcity is likely to become an even greater issue as climate change and competition among users intensifies in the coming years.

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Antimicrobial Stewardship

Antimicrobials (antibiotics) are a vital tool in both human and animal medicine. In Australian feedlots, antimicrobials play an important role in helping feedlot operators manage the health and welfare of cattle under their care.

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Hormone growth promotants

There is a misconception that Hormone Growth Promotants (HGP’s) may pose a potential human health risk. This briefing note explains how HGP’s are safe whilst improving productivity, consumer beef prices and the environment.

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Promotion of Grain Fed Beef Industry

ALFA actively promotes the integrity and quality assurance of the Australian grain fed beef production system through the delivery of a website and communications plan dedicated to Australian Grain Fed Beef.

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