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The Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA) is the peak national body representing the Australian cattle feedlot industry. ALFA membership represents 90% of Australian cattle feedlots, in terms of number of cattle on feed.


ALFA is responsible for:


  • Representing and promoting the views of the cattle feedlot industry.

  • Directing the expenditure of the grain fed cattle transaction levy.

  • Improving the industry through the development and delivery of standards, training, events, leadership, awards, career development and employment opportunities.

  • Providing membership services

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Feedlot Definition

“Feedlot” means a constructed facility with designated water points where cattle are confined with a stocking density of 25 m² per Standard Cattle Unit (SCU) or less and are only fed a prepared ration for the purposes of production.

Our Mission

ALFA seeks to improve the profitability, professionalism and community standing of the cattle feedlot industry via representation, strategic levy investment, industry development activities and member assistance.

ALFA’s Strategic Plan is aligned with the broader Meat Industry Strategic Plan (MISP). It has been developed using input from lot feeders, other peak industry councils, levy funded service providers and other relevant stakeholders.

Our Representation

ALFA is represented on over 50 industry committees covering all areas of the grain fed beef industry including trade, consumer marketing, research and development, animal health and welfare, planning and corporate affairs.

ALFA proudly represents over 70% of Australian cattle feedlots, in terms of number of cattle on feed.

Key Initiatives

ALFA has implemented several significant industry initiatives.

The National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS)

When ALFA helped develop NFAS, it was the first quality assurance program implemented in Australian agriculture. It requires every accredited feedlot to be independently audited on an annual basis to ensure they comply with animal welfare, environmental, product integrity and food safety legislation.

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Meat Standards Australia (MSA)

ALFA was the primary driver behind the development and implementation of the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) eating quality assurance scheme for beef.

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Meat Standard

Grain Fed Beef Standards and Specifications

ALFA established a series of minimum standards and specifications for ‘grain fed’ beef that were subsequently incorporated into the AUS-MEAT Language (trading language).

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National Beef Cattle Feedlot Environmental Code of Practice and National Guidelines for Beef Cattle Feedlots

ALFA developed the Code of Practice to provide nationally consistent minimum requirements for the establishment and operation of feedlots from an environmental perspective. The Guidelines provide ‘guidance’ on how the Code of Practice requirements may be achieved.

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History of ALFA

Purchase the 'Grain Fed - The history of the Australian cattle lotfeeding industry' hardback book, written by Jon Condon & Bob Coombs

ALFA Annual Reports

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