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Striving for excellence in feedlot design and management.



The Australian Feedlot of the Year competition is an initiative of the Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA). Since its inception in 1991, the competition has aimed to encourage continuous improvement within the feedlot industry and to recognise those feedlots that are operating their business at the forefront of the principles of the National Feedlot Assurance Scheme (NFAS).

The competition is open to all NFAS accredited feedlots, no matter if you’re small, medium or large, family run or a corporate operation – the competition is designed to find the very best of the best and to encourage continuous industry improvement.



To be eligible entrants must be:

  • An NFAS accredited feedlot.​




The competition runs across four size categories, according to feedlot constructed capacity and each have a corresponding entrance fee as outlined:

  • Under 3,000 head     ($330 inc gst)

  • Between 3,001 – 8,000 head   ($660 inc gst)

  • Between 8,001 – 15,000 head   ($990 inc gst)

  • Above 15,001 head   ($1,320 inc gst)


A winner is awarded in each size category, based on their ability to meet and exceed NFAS principles across five main areas, including:

  • Quality Assurance Culture

  • Product Integrity

  • Environmental Responsibility

  • Animal Welfare Responsibility

  • Business Planning:

    • Attracting and Retaining Staff

    • Community Amenity and Social Accountability

    • Innovation

    • Product Integrity and Supply Chain Management


After filling out the simple entry form below (takes less than a minute), AUS-MEAT provides each entrant a questionnaire to complete that covers questions relating to the above NFAS principles/judging criteria. The Under 3,000 head size category is not required to fill out this questionnaire, instead, the NFAS auditor will complete it with you during your usual annual NFAS audit. AUS-MEAT will however provide you with a copy of the questionnaire to assist in preparations.

The competition involves two judging rounds.


The first round, is conducted by AUS-MEAT in conjunction with the feedlot’s annual NFAS audit, and is based on verifying entrants’ responses to their online self-assessment questionnaire (provided at time of entry). Scores from round one reveals the competition finalists who progress to round two.


Round 1 judging is aligned with your annual NFAS audit. Please note if feedlot is participating in an external commercial program, it is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure their audit time can be amended if necessary.

Round two provides finalist feedlots with the opportunity to further demonstrate what sets their feedlot apart to an independent judging panel via a second round submission form, video, and feedlot visit by the judging panel. It involves the judging panel conducting a feedlot visit and interview with the feedlot manager in August/September (approx 2-3 hours). Points are accumulated between rounds to determine overall winners.

Finalists are encouraged to attend ALFA's BeefEx24 Conference for the announcement of the overall winners.

All entrants will receive confidential individualised benchmarking feedback at the conclusion of the Competition.



All entrants receive individual and highly valuable benchmarking feedback. Finalists are included in the theatre of the winner announcement at ALFA’s BeefEx Conference. Overall winners have the opportunity to take advantage of the considerable marketing benefits associated with winning the award. A winner-specific logo is provided to each category winner for their use, along with a trophy.


  • Receive individual benchmarking feedback.


  • 6-8 Finalists are selected to progress to the second round judging and will be involved in the final award presentation at BeefEx. Finalist videos will be played at the event.


A winner is announced within each size category, and receives: 

  • A keepsake trophy.

  • Name added to the Winners perpetual shield.

  • Branding collateral.



  • Entries Close: EXTENDED TO September 29

  • First Round Self-Assessment Questionnaire due: October 25

  • Round 1 Judging: November - June 2024 

  • Finalists Announced:  July 2024 *date may change without notice

  • Round 2 Judging:  August - September 2024

  • Overall Winners Awarded: ALFA BeefEx24 Conference, October 2024.



To enter, fill in the simple entry form below.
A confirmation email will be sent to you from AUS-MEAT including the first round self-questionnaire that all entrants must complete by October 25, 2023. The competition is independently judged by AUS-MEAT and industry representatives.

Entry is confidential.

If you experience issues with entry form below, please contact 

Australian Feedlot of the Year

Entry Form

Select your size categoy

Thanks for entering the Australian Feedlot of the Year Competition. AUS-MEAT will be in touch soon to provide you with the first round questionnaire.

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