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MPM Program | Course 16

ALFA's Margin & People Management (MPM) Program is designed to provide lot feeders and industry professionals with a deeper understanding of how to manage a modern feedlot business.

Established in 2008, the Program now boasts a strong alumni network of over 400 lot feeders and industry professionals, many of whom are now prominent industry leaders.

The MPM Program sessions covers topics such as basic financial margin management, time management, setting priorities, human behaviour and how to work more effectively with other people, especially in difficult situations.

The Program is run annually over several months, delivered through 4 x 2-day training sessions to a maximum of 12 participants. The group gathers three times in-person for the sessions delivered by a range of facilitators; the final session is a feedlot tour, where participants hear from Feedlot Managers who have graduated from the Program and other prominent industry leaders.

The program is in high demand each year, and we encourage feedlots to reserve a position on future programs to avoid disappointment.

Stay tuned to hear updates from Course 16 participants, from August 2024.

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