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ARLP Course 31 Scholar, Greg Zillman | Session Updates

The Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP) is run by the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation (ARLF) and provides an opportunity for leadership development using challenge-based and experiential learning.

This year, ALFA and MLA has awarded a scholarship for a lot feeder to attend ARLP, an investment of $55,000.

Greg Zillman of Beef Connect Feedlot, QLD, has been awarded the grain fed beef industry scholarship for Course 31 of the ARLP and will share his experience on the program through regular updates as his course progresses.

Accompanying Greg in this cohort are individuals from a diverse array of sectors, including agriculture, aquaculture, healthcare, local government, retail, research, and community services, all with a common drive to create opportunities for rural, regional and remote communities and industries to thrive.

About Greg

Greg operates a family beef business, Beef Connect Feedlot, and is heavily involved in local non-profit groups working in roles such as President of the school P&C, President of the RSL, and the local area Fire Warden Officer.

Greg's approach to business development is highlighted by his skills in communication, strategic planning, project management, financial analysis, operational management, employee development, and logistics.

His extensive experience includes managing large-scale intensive livestock and rangeland production systems, commodity trading, project management, business development, software implementation, asset acquisition and divestment, and meat processing.

Greg has spent many years working in regional and rural Australia, and he has also served in the Australian Army with keen interest in travel. Greg has also played rugby professionally in the UK.

We wish Greg all the best on his leadership journey over the coming months and look forward to following his progress.

Stay tuned to hear Greg’s next session update.

Session 1: June 2024 // 12 days, Regional NSW

Session 2: October 2024 // 10 days, New Zealand

Session 3: April 2025 // 6 days, Regional Victoria

Session 4: August 2025 // 10 days, Central Australia

Graduation: September 2025*Session dates are preliminary and may change.



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