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Going Under Cover - WA Information and Exhibition Event on Shade and Covered Housing Systems

Wednesday 29th March 2023 | 4:00pm - 8:00pm (AWST) | Swan Valley, WA

Register now to attend Going Under Cover, an information session hosted by ALFA & MLA and an exhibition and networking event proudly sponsored by Nutriment Health exploring shade and covered housing systems fit for Australian feedlots.

Hear from industry experts in this 2hr information session discussing the benefits, planning, implementing, finance, barriers, and animal welfare advantages of shade and covered housing, and gain access to resources including best practice design guides and manufacturers. This information session will be followed by 2hrs of networking and exhibition stalls proudly sponsored by Nutriment Health.

This event is run in conjunction with WALFA's Better Beef 2023 Event.

For more information on shade and covered housing , visit the ALFA Shade Hub.


This session will benefit feedlot owners and those interested in advancements in shade design to improve animal welfare and productivity in feedlots. If you're interested in improving your feedlot operation or are looking to upgrade existing structures then this information session is for you!


The evening will run as follows:

  • 4:OOpm - 6:00pm - 2hr information session hosted by ALFA & MLA

  • 6:00pm - 8:00pm - 2hr exhibition stalls and casual networking event proudly sponsored by Nutriment Health


Matt van der Saag, Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA)

  • MLA's shade and covered housing research and development strategy

David Miller, Murdoch University, Perth, WA

  • The benefits of shade for feedlot cattle in a temperate climatic region

Stephen Rennie, Coles

  • Coles' commitment to animal welfare and how shade and shelter fit into this commitment

Ash Sheahan, Teys Australia Charlton Feedlot, VIC

  • Eastern lot feeder shared experience


This event will be held on:

  • Date - Wednesday 29th March 2023

  • Time - 4:00pm - 8:00pm (AWST)

  • Venue - Novotel Swan Valley Vines Resort, Verdelho Dr, The Vines, WA.


There is a $55pp (inc. GST) registration fee. The registration fee includes entry to the event, access to industry and shade experts, canapes and beverages.

If you need assistance or would like to contact ALFA regarding this event, please email or call (02) 9290 3700.



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