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Feedlot Shade Structure Construction (video)

In August 2021 Rarcoola were approached to design and construct a cover over an existing feedlot in Western Victoria.

The feedlot will have 11,000 head of cattle go through per year.

Within the scope, they had to make allowances for some key factors:

  • This was a “working” site, meaning would have to work around cattle movement.

  • 50 m x 30 m pens with a feed alley didn’t allow for internal columns.

  • There were falls on the site (both length and width).

  • Natural lighting, air flow and ventilation were requirements.

  • Stormwater disposal for up to 40+ML per year.

  • 3 x individual structures comprising of:

360 m x 60 m x 5.5 m

300 m x 60 m x 5.5 m

150 m x 60 m x 5.5 m.

  • The biggest factor being a very tight completion time frame. Plus at a time of high volatility within the steel industry, (with the project covering nearly 50,000 sqm), sourcing materials was to be a challenge!

With the design finalised in late September 2021, this allowed them a touch over 6 months to engineer, procure steel, fabricate, galvanise, deliver to site and construct.

A total of 48,500 sqm under roof (just under 5 hectares), and a 60 m clearspan with off centred gable, this project was monumental for Rarcoola as a company.

Contact Rarcoola

Ph: 0456 954 115

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