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Feedlot industry leads with shade initiative

  • The Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA) has announced an initiative to encourage all feedlots to provide cattle with access to shade.

  • ALFA’s shade initiative builds on industry’s commitment to animal welfare and continual improvement.

  • Shade enables cattle to display natural shade seeking behaviour and aids animal comfort.

Bryce Camm, President of the Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA), has announced the peak industry council’s initiative to encourage all feedlots to provide cattle with access to shade.

“We are proud to launch this important initiative that asks all Australian feedlots to make a pledge to provide cattle under their care with access to shade,” Mr Camm said.

“This initiative builds on the feedlot industry’s already strong commitment to animal welfare and positions our sector for long term sustainability,” Mr Camm said.

Research undertaken by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) indicates shade has positive outcomes on cattle welfare and comfort, especially during abnormal heat wave conditions. It also showed that shade can result in productivity gains in terms of increased feed intake and hence weight gain at slaughter.

“Shade enables cattle to display natural shade seeking behaviour, aiding in their ability to reduce the impact of environmental extremes and improve comfort,” Mr Camm said.

“ALFA has had a long-term interest in animal welfare research, and we continue to support grain fed levy investment through MLA in this area including projects to develop additional types of shade solutions for the feedlot industry,” Mr Camm said.

This initiative builds on an estimated 60 per cent of Industry feedlot capacity that already has shade in place by asking all feedlots to invest in capital works to install shade in their facilities.

“ALFA is encouraging all feedlots to consider the benefits that shade brings to the cattle they care for, their enterprise and collectively as an Industry,” Mr Camm said.

“We understand the challenges that individual businesses may face in installing shade, hence ALFA is aiming to see shade in all feedlots by 2026 which allows sufficient planning and installation time,” Mr Camm said.

ALFA is providing feedlot operators with information on shade design, standards and construction and will be holding a webinar this month to help feedlot operators understand more about the benefits of shade.

Information on financing opportunities through Federal and State low interest loans and asset write off incentives is also being made available to feedlot operators to support the installation of shade.

“We know that our consumers expect us to care for our livestock. The initiative to have shade installed in all Australian feedlots demonstrates our collective commitment to prioritising and continuously improving the welfare of cattle under our care,” Mr Camm said.



Bryce Camm

ALFA President E:

M: (02) 9290 3700

Media Contact

Madie Hamilton

Manager - Membership, Communications & Capability E:

M: 0447 617 428

More Information

ALFA has developed a Shade Resource Hub on the ALFA website which contains a range of information tools on shade for Lot Feeders.


About ALFA

  • The Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA) is the peak national body representing the Australian cattle feedlot industry and works towards delivering a profitable and sustainable feedlot industry recognised and valued by the community for producing quality certified grain fed beef to the highest ethical, environmental, humane and animal welfare standards.

  • ALFA is proud to have a strong membership base who collectively represent over 80 per cent of Australia’s cattle feedlot capacity.

  • There are 390 cattle feedlots with a combined capacity of 1.4 million head who employ 2,000 people directly in regional Australia.

  • ALFA estimates that currently 60 per cent of feedlot capacity already has shade installed.

About Bryce Camm, ALFA President

  • Bryce Camm is CEO of Camm Agricultural Group which includes the operations of Wonga Plains Feedlot in Queensland.

  • Camm Agricultural Group have plans in place for the installation of shade at Wonga Plains Feedlot.



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