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Feedlot Shade Research Webinar Recording

If you missed out on ALFA & MLA's webinar on Feedlot Shade Research on 16 February, the recording and some presentations are now available to access through our online careers and training platform, Feedlot TECH.

The webinar extended the research findings of MLA Research Projects in relation to feedlot shade structures suitable for Australian feedlots, and is beneficial to feedlot owners and those interested in advancements in shade design to improve animal welfare and productivity in feedlots.

Hosted by ALFA/MLA Feedlot Technical Services Officer Jeff House, the webinar included presentations from:

  • Matt Van der Saag, MLA Project Manager - Feedlot & Sustainability

  • Dr Peter McGilchrist, University of New England Researcher

  • Dr Angela Lees, University of New England Researcher

  • Tom Dawkins, Northern Territory Livestock Exporters Association CEO

  • Ben Giblett, Berrimah Export Yards Manager

  • Ian Lean, Scibus Managing Director

  • Mike Ryan, Eagle Direct Managing Director


  • Introduction to and overview of the research - Background to the project and the issues it is addressing, including an overview of Shade and Covered housing R&D Strategy - MLA Feedlot Program.

  • Shade & shelter solutions in a southern Australian feedlot - An overview of the projects including results from the Summer & Winter Trials, and the recommendations that have come from these.

  • Experiences from the top end with covered shed management of cattle on feed in live export yards - Drawing on insights from some of the leading feedlots in SE Asia and how this shaped Berrimah Yards' approach to its tropical climate management using an Entegra Shed.

  • Learnings from the Dairy Industry using covered housing - experiences from the dairy industry on covered housing, exploring production and adoption elements alongside design and sensing technologies.

  • Q&A

If you need assistance or would like to contact ALFA regarding this webinar, please email or call (02) 9290 3700.

This webinar has been developed in collaboration with Meat & Livestock Australia.



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