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Fundamentals of Feeding and Milling Online Training

Set your team up for success with the new Fundamentals of Feedlot Nutrition, Feeding and Milling Operations course

The Feeding & Milling team play an integral role within the day-to-day operations of every feedlot. Understanding the fundamentals of milling and grain processing, commodity and ration testing, and loader and feedtruck operations are important for all members of the team.

The ALFA Fundamentals of Feedlot Nutrition course available on the feedlot industry’s training, education and careers hub, Feedlot TECH, comprises of seven modules that coach feeding & milling teams in best practice techniques. Teams will master skills in grain processing, quality control, data analysis, and build on their technical knowledge and operational skills to operate effectively.

The course is made up of 7 modules, each with a specific focus on an area of feeding and milling. Read on to learn more about each and to enrol in individual modules.

This online module covers the basics in loader operation, walking you through the role of operating the loader safely and efficiently in the feed shed, pre-start and safety checks, feed shed organisation, correct ration batching processes and clean-up and shed hygiene.

This module covers the basics in feed truck or wagon operation. It will take you through the essential daily vehicle maintenance checks, understanding how to complete a scale check and how to correctly feed cattle accurately and efficiently.

The aim of this course is to describe best-practice grain processing methods and technologies for Australian feedlot cattle. This module will cover your role in keeping cattle healthy, different processing techniques and associated risks and working with and maintaining milling equipment.

Understanding the different grain processing methods, processes, equipment and considerations will increase your knowledge and understanding of what you do and why the feeding and milling team are so important. You’ll learn to adopt best practices when processing grain, explain the importance of accuracy in grain processing, and explain various general quality control measures for ensuring grain quality.

By following testing and quality control procedures, you will play your part in providing healthy, nutritious feed that produces top performing cattle. In this module, you will learn about grain testing processes, how to sample rations and conduct tests, quality control practices and information about grain treatments at the feedlot.

This course provides you with the technical knowledge and operational skills to operate effectively, safely and efficiently at the feedlot, as well as provides a basis from which you can maintain and build your career in the Australian Feedlot industry.

This online course covers the basics in why it is important to accurately record and analyse data, the key areas within the feeding and milling process and how that data is used to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the feeding and milling procedures.

This course was created by ALFA in collaboration with Meat & Livestock Australia, in line with the Australian Feedlot Sector Career Development and Training Strategy. To find out more visit the ALFA website.

Access to select Feedlot TECH online training courses is free for all NFAS Accredited feedlots currently. Lot feeders are encouraged to register and enrol in courses at



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