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Feedlot industry launches feed and milling online training tools for lot feeders

  • Australian Lot Feeders’ Association and Meat & Livestock Australia launch the next suite of online courses within their Feedlot Fundamentals training program

  • Feeding and Milling Operations online short courses now available

  • Online training tools for lot feeders are designed to assist operators upskill their workforce efficiently and effectively

  • New employees will benefit from easy to access courses designed by industry for industry

The Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA) has today launched its Fundamentals of Feedlot Nutrition, Feeding and Milling Operations online skills training course, part of its wider careers and training strategy designed to deliver a full set of online courses covering feedlot fundamentals for lot feeding in Australia.

An initiative of ALFA, in collaboration with Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), a Feedlot Training, Education and Careers Hub, aptly named Feedlot TECH, is a key output of the industry’s Feedlot Career Development and Training Strategy and houses the new online training course.

ALFA and MLA are focusing on delivering online courses covering the fundamental skills required for employees within all departments at a feedlot. The ambitious strategy will see a full suite of online short courses delivered as part of the industry project, covering all skill areas of a feedlot operation.

A feedlot is often made up of four main departments or teams; the livestock, feeding and milling, maintenance and farming, and administration teams.

ALFA President, Barb Madden, said the feeding and milling team play an integral role within the day-to-day operations of a feedlot and has been a focus of the first round of courses developed.

“Understanding the fundamentals of record keeping, commodity processing and the science behind rations is important for all feeding and milling staff.”

The suite of short courses launched today include topics such as feedstuff energy and what constitutes a ration, the basics of milling and grain processing, a more advanced milling and grain processing module, commodity and ration testing, and record keeping.

The next suite of Feedlot TECH online courses currently in development will focus on meeting the needs of the Livestock department, followed by Office and Administration, Environment and Maintenance and General Training.

“All courses are designed to assist feedlot operators in ensuring new and existing team members have access to core skills training, grow capability within their teams and continue to foster high performance in the operations of their business,” Barb said.

“The industry is hungry for training opportunities, however we’re often time poor and short on labour, so the online courses have made huge savings in terms of time spent off site for training and engaging staff.”

“With e-learning tools, we have been able to deliver a quality product that is really hitting the mark in terms of efficiency, flexibility, and technical appeal.”

“What also makes these courses so valuable is that they have been developed by-industry-for-industry using subject matter experts.”

“Feedlot operators are very proactive in supporting training and development and we see this continuing with Feedlot TECH being a key platform in assisting operators attract, build and retain capable high performing teams,” Barb stated.

Feedlot TECH is an online platform that showcases the many career, employment, and professional development opportunities available within the feedlot sector, across all career stages. It also provides access to ALFA/MLA developed feedlot-specific core training and links to external training provider courses relevant to feedlot employees.

Access to select Feedlot TECH online training courses is free for all NFAS Accredited feedlots currently. Feedlots and lot feeders are encouraged to register and enrol in courses at

Media Enquiries:

Barb Madden

ALFA President

(02) 9290 3700

Madie Hamilton

ALFA General Manager - Communications & Engagement

0447 617 428



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