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TRAIL Program 2022 cohort graduates

Kailen Hodgson, Ben Emery and James Guest at the TRAIL Program graduation ceremony in Canberra.

In March this year, the 2022 cohort of emerging leaders assembled for the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation's TRAIL Program, beginning a learning path to support their development as they sought to amplify their leadership contributions.

The cohort of 18 emerging leaders from various sectors across the country included lot feeding industry up-and-comers Ben Emery, James Guest, Kailen Hodgson and Molly Sage.

The program culminated in Canberra at their graduation on 18 May. During the program, participants were challenged in different environments where they learnt to adapt, innovate and experiment with different problem-solving techniques.

They also explored a number of themes such as diversity, resilience, building connection in teams, decision-making, dealing with difficult conversations and coping with change.

Key learning intentions of the program included:

  • Create greater self-awareness and how this relates to collaboration with others.

  • Explore a range of areas relevant to leadership, including values, social responsibility, negotiation, crucial conversations, critical thinking and leading in complexity.

  • Deepen understanding and appreciation of the need for flexible and responsive leadership within your community, workplace, sector, industry, region.

  • Develop a structured pathway for future leadership development.

  • Provide opportunities to build personal and professional relationships with the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation’s network of alumni.

Want to know more about what the program involved? Read our Q&A with Kailen Hodgson and Molly Sage.

You can read the full 2022 program report, here.



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