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Book into an ALFA run industry specific workshop, webinar, professional development program, or online training course below. Member discounts are available. Apply for membership today.

eLearning Courses

ALFA, in partnership with MLA, offers a variety of eLearning courses and resources to upskill in the fundamentals of lot feeding. Access is via registration to Feedlot TECH, industry’s career development and training platform.

Professional Development Programs

ALFA offers a professional development program relevant to any career stage you may be in. Starting with the emerging leader program, to the rising leadership program and finally the executive leaders program.

Awards & Scholarships

ALFA, in partnership with MLA, offers a number of awards and scholarships that recognises business and individual excellence within the cattle feedlot industry. Generally, entries open in May, annually. * Please refer to the individual pages below for Award/Scholarship specific key dates.

Award & Scholarship Related Stories

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