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Want to contribute to our grain fed beef industry promotional efforts?

We are doing a call out for professional feedlot imagery to use in our various Grain Fed Beef projects, designed to promote the positive attributes of our grain fed beef production system on behalf of all lot feeders.

An example of where we would use the images is on the website and Instagram account.

We know many feedlots have invested in professional imagery of its facilities and people - and we would like to help you extend the life and return on investment of those images for the betterment of our industry.

Not sure what we’re after? Check out some of these amazing pictures already submitted by Smithfield Cattle Company. We’re happy to take 1 or 100 images! There are guidelines as to what we can use, and we are happy to discuss those upon enquiry.

If you have images from professional photo shoots you're willing to share, please get in touch.



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