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Optimising Transportation & Lairage Conditions for Feedlot Cattle Webinar Recording

If you missed out on ALFA & MLA's webinar on Optimising Transportation & Lairage Conditions for Feedlot Cattle on 1 June, the recording and some presentations are now available through our online careers and training platform, Feedlot TECH.

The webinar extended the research findings of the MLA Research Project in relation to the effect of feed withdrawal on truck effluent, animal welfare, carcase characteristics and microbiological contamination of feedlot cattle.

It also offered participants an understanding of the data from feed withdrawal and effluent volume, as well as the effect on carcase performance.

With the wider industry issues around transport curfew times, this webinar also gave the opportunity for participants to understand the research behind why curfew restrictions can cause greater animal welfare issues than they seek to address.

Hosted by ALFA/MLA Feedlot Technical Services Officer Jeff House, the webinar included presentations from:

  • Sharon Dundon, R&D Manager, Meat & Livestock Australia

  • John Langbridge, GM Corporate & Industry Affairs, Teys Australia

  • Melissa George, Consulting Veterinarian and Research Scientist, Bovine Dynamics

  • Ben Wieland, Livestock Logistics & Relationship Officer, Kilcoy Global Foods

  • Jennifer Rotili, Manager, Codes of Practice Regulatory Policy and Standards National Heavy Vehicle Regulations

  • Cara Lauder, System Manager, New Zealand Transport Agency


  • Fit to Load - managing expectations from when the cattle leave the feedlot, during transportation and arrival at the abattoir; the challenges and remedies.

  • Short Duration Lairage & Truck Effluent Research Projects Outcomes - Key findings: impact on carcase quality, MSA and food safety, and the economic benefits gained.

  • Processor perspective - Implementation of short lairage at Kilcoy.

  • National Heavy Vehicle regulator – rules and regulations.

  • Truck effluent dumps; New Zealand perspective - Information on the network of truck effluent dumps in New Zealand.

  • Q&A

This webinar was developed in collaboration with Meat & Livestock Australia.


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