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Take a virtual feedlot tour

The Australian Lot Feeders' Association (ALFA) has today launched its latest educational resource, a virtual feedlot tour, that promises to deliver an immersive ‘on farm’ experience of feedlot operations and career opportunities.


A key strategic priority for ALFA is to provide the Australian cattle feedlot sector, its businesses and current and prospective employees with a clear career development pathway, and to provide the associated training, professional development and support networks to attract, retain and grow the capacity of the feedlot workforce.


The all-inclusive virtual experience provides an immersive 360-degree walkthrough of a feedlot, offering detailed insights into the operational areas and concise facts about the grain fed beef industry.


Available on the ALFA website, the user-friendly resource is accessible to all ALFA members & stakeholders to showcase the inner workings of a feedlot.


It gives users a detailed guide to feedlot operations, creating awareness about the industry's production system, and encouraging further engagement through the ALFA website, ALFA’s consumer facing platform, and its online careers and education hub, Feedlot TECH.


ALFA President, Barb Madden, said the tour was created as part of ALFA’s efforts to promote industry awareness and engagement.


“The driver for ALFA in developing the tour was to create a resource that our members can use to showcase the intricacies of feedlot operations to others in a way that’s engaging, relevant and easily accessible,” she said.

“It is a collective effort for all lot feeders to be advocates for our industry, and this tour will be fantastic in assisting these efforts. If you can’t be physically on-site, this is the next best thing for an immersive education on lot feeding.


“What’s impressive is the tour goes beyond a simple walkthrough, but rather provides a comprehensive e-learning tool that gives a first hand look at how a feedlot operates,” she said.


ALFA invites members and stakeholders to take the tour and share the resource with friends and colleagues. The tour can be accessed via the Resource page on the ALFA website.





Media Enquiries:

Barb Madden

ALFA President

(02) 9290 3700


Madie Hamilton        

ALFA GM – Communication &        

0447 617 428 

ALFA would like to thank our Project Manager – Feedlot Training Emily Litzow for her initiative in creating this valuable resource for our members.



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