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Barmount Feedlot's CQ Carcase Classic Field Day

ALFA's Community Heroes Award, sponsored by Lallemand Animal Nutrition, is back for the third year running. This heart-warming award recognises and rewards feedlots across Australia for their outstanding contributions to local communities and the environment.

The overall winner will receive a $5,000 cash donation that can be directed towards a local charity, business, or feedlot initiative, further enriching their communities.

The application deadline is August 31, and the winner will be announced at SmartBeef23 on October 11 and 12.

Barmount Feedlot's CQ Carcase Classic Field Day

Located halfway between Rockhampton and Mackay, Barmount Feedlot has a long history in the beef industry and is renowned for supporting a number of community initiatives..

Most recently, Barmount Feedlot owners Phil and Lynise Conaghan proudly opened the gates to host an on-farm field day during the CQ Carcase Classic Competition, while participating in the Feed on Class (pen of grain fed steers).

The on-farm field day gave more than 100 people, including industry experts and the wider community, an opportunity to take a closer look at how the feedlot is run and to ask questions and gain insight into the beef industry.

“Attendees gained a greater appreciation and understanding of the science behind feedlot nutrition, accuracy of feed delivery, depth of staff training and efficiency of feedlot production,” Lynise said.

The CQ Carcase Classic Competition is a popular and highly regarded annual event that allows beef producers of Central Queensland the opportunity to showcase their beef as well as benchmark their own achievements against the best cattle producers in the region. Local community organisations also benefit from the competition with commission monies from competitors distributed to nominated community groups.

Barmount Feedlot entered two pens of cattle in the competition with Capricornia School of Distance Education (CSDE) named as beneficiary, recently receiving more than $3000.

Lynise said, due to the geographical location of the community, there is no secondary school close by.

“At the completion of primary school, children attend either boarding school or are enrolled via a school of distance education.

“Selecting CSDE as Barmount’s nominated beneficiary was a conscious decision made to prioritise educational opportunities for geographically isolated children.

“The CQCC Committee determines the list of beneficiaries and, in previous years, Barmount has contributed to either our local school, CSDE or our local ICPA branch.”

Lynise said, in addition to supporting the carcase competition, Barmount saw the day as an opportunity to promote the industry to an audience of predominantly grass-fed beef producers.

“We wanted attendees to gain insight into the ‘what, why and how’ and to gain appreciation for what is a highly regulated and precision-driven industry.”

Lynise said the day also provided an opportunity for the Clarke Creek State School P&C Association to cater the event with the team raising about $2000.

“To offset costs incurred by the P&C, Barmount Feedlot donated Barmount grain fed smoked briskets which were slow cooked on-site for 13 hours the night before.”

Providing support throughout the day, Lynise said Barmount staff were instrumental in running the event.

“During the day, participants had the opportunity to view the cattle entered in the competition and compare the progress of the nominated pens.

“Guests were invited to interact with our team and engage in conversations about feedlot operations.”

Lynise said there was a significant amount of planning involved to ensure the day ran smoothly.

“We worked closely with the organising committee to coordinate the event, which involved determining key timelines and milestones, logistics, resources and management of competition cattle,” she said, adding a staff roster was also created to ensure adequate coverage throughout the field day.

“Roles and responsibilities were assigned to staff members such as checking in and assisting attendees, overseeing activities, setting up and packing up of tents and chairs, organising space for sponsors and ensuring that safety and biosecurity protocols were maintained.”

Lynise said there were also a great line-up of guest speakers on the day including Damien Nankervis, NSA Feedlot Nutritionist, Katelyn Lubke, MLA, Adam Coffey, Cattle Australia, Darren Hamblin, Strathdale Wagyu, and Warren Hogan, Judo Bank.

“For us, the highlight of the event was the positive feedback provided by attendees,” Lynise said, adding participants were “pleasantly surprised” by the level of precision maintained in feedlot operations.

With a rich history in the beef industry, Barmount Feedlot is committed to continue producing the best quality product for consumers.

“We love the challenge of lot feeding and working alongside our dedicated family and staff who share and embody our core values.”

Watch the highlight video below

What impact is the initiative having on the local community?

For many community groups located in geographically isolated locations, fundraising opportunities are limited. This event provided an opportunity for their local school P&C to raise nearly $2,000.

The Capricornia School of Distance Education will receive commission monies from the sale of the Barmount cattle that are entered in the competition.

This initiative provided Barmount with the opportunity to showcase what it is that feedlots do, their family lot feeding business and their staff to the broader community.

Watch a wrap up of the Field Day below.

About the ALFA Community Heroes Award

Australian feedlots are vital to the fabric of rural and regional Australia by creating jobs, supporting families, and contributing to local economies and the environment. This award recognises and rewards those feedlots that are actively nourishing their local communities and environment by going above and beyond to support their community, that ‘give-back’ and better the environment around them. The winning initiative will receive a $5,000 cash donation towards a local charity, business, or feedlot initiative to assist in further development and impact of the initiative.​

With thanks to our ALFA Platinum Member sponsor, Lallemand Animal Nutrition for their support of this Award.



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