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ALFA & MLA Webinar: Partial Covered Housing Systems

ALFA, in collaboration with MLA, is excited to announce an upcoming live webinar focused on shedding light on the benefits of partial covered housing systems in Australian feedlots.

Coming up on Wednesday, 12 June 2024, at 3pm (AEST), this free webinar aims to provide valuable insights into the decisions surrounding the implementation or upgrading of shade and shelter infrastructure within feedlots.

For lot feeders considering retrofitting existing feedlot pens with either shade or shelter, partial coverage is a very viable option backed by solid data on improved performance and animal welfare emerging from studies, which will be presented as part of the webinar.  


Find out the latest on:

  • Lot Feeder Perspectives: Gain valuable insights from industry experts and practitioners on the ground.

  • Latest R&D Results: Stay on top of cutting-edge research and development findings, particularly focusing on partial shelter solutions.

  • Benefits to Animal Welfare and Production: Understand how investing in shade and shelter infrastructure can positively impact both animal well-being and productivity.

This webinar will benefit feedlot owners and those interested in advancements in shade design to improve animal welfare and productivity in feedlots.

Register now

This webinar is hosted in conjunction with Meat & Livestock Australia.


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