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The Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday 23 November 2022, with Feedlot Members in attendance welcoming in the election of Councillors and Office Bearers.

During the AGM proceedings, held in person in Brisbane and via live stream to members, ALFA welcomed the election of the following representatives to Council:

  • Scott Braund, representing Mort & Co Lot Feeders, QLD

  • Grant Melrose, representing Pakaderinga Feedlot, QLD

  • Amanda Moohen, representing Koojan Downs Feedlot, WA

  • Andrew Rushford, representing Lillyvale Feedlot, QLD

ALFA Office Bearers were also elected to Council at the AGM and include:

  • Barbara (Barb) Madden, representing Smithfield Cattle Company, QLD, who was re-elected as ALFA President

  • Amanda Moohen, representing Koojan Downs Feedlot, WA, who was re-elected as ALFA Treasurer

  • Grant Garey, representing Teys Australia Feedlots, who was re-elected as ALFA Vice President

  • Paul Vogt, representing Associated Feedlots NSW, who was also re-elected as ALFA Vice President

Opening the meeting, ALFA’s 17th President, Barb Madden, touched on the highs and lows faced by the industry and the Association throughout the year within her President’s Report.

“The past twelve months has been challenging with continued disruption from the global pandemic, war, record grain and cattle prices, record diesel, energy and fertiliser prices, unprecedented labour shortages, all coupled with the heightened anxiety we all felt around FMD and LSD.”

“Whilst we have faced significant challenges, we have also experienced tremendous successes. National cattle on feed numbers remained above 1 million head, which, despite the challenges, demonstrates the ongoing resilience of our sector.”

“ALFA proudly represents 88 percent of Australian cattle feedlot capacity. We are an industry that promotes transparency and continual improvement. We strive to do what is right for the cattle in our care every single day,” Mrs Madden said.

Reported to all members in ALFA’s annual report - Year In Review 2022, Mrs Madden went on to highlight key areas of the Association’s effort and outcomes achieved for its members.

“In pursuit of industry best practice, we continued promoting our shade policy, aiming to have all feedlots shaded by 2026.”

“We continued to be global leaders in the anti-microbial stewardship space, stepping up our commitment by announcing AMS guidelines would become a mandatory requirement for all feedlot operators at the beginning of 2022.”

On reflecting the Association’s investment in people and capability building, Mrs Madden highlighted ALFA’s Annual Recognition of Excellence Program and the launch of Feedlot TECH – a website designed to showcase career opportunities and host our e-learning platform to provide relevant, practical learning.

“The training we have done through our workshops, bespoke leadership programs like MPM and our online webinars and Feedlot TECH has touched over 1,500 people this past year,” Mrs Madden said.

In closing Mrs Madden welcomed re-elected Councillors and Office Bearers and acknowledged and thanked retiring Councillors Todd Newton and Daryle Belford for their contribution to the Association and to industry.

“On behalf of ALFA members and Councillors, our gratitude and appreciation goes out to Todd and Daryle for their generous contribution to ALFA, and we wish them both well,” Mrs Madden said.

ALFA Office Bearers and Councillors confirmed for 2022/23 are:

  • Barbara Madden (President)

  • Bryce Camm (Immediate Past President)

  • Amanda Moohen (Treasurer)

  • Grant Garey (Vice President)

  • Paul Vogt (Vice President)

  • Scott Braund (Councillor)

  • David Bailey (Councillor)

  • Thomas Green (Councillor)

  • Stephen Martin (Councillor)

  • Lauren McNally (Councillor)

  • Grant Melrose (Councillor)

  • Lucy Morris (Councillor)

  • Andrew Rushford (Councillor)

  • Andrew Talbot (Councillor)

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For more information:

Barb Madden ALFA President

(02) 9290 3700

Madie Hamilton

General Manager - Communications & Engagement

0447 617 428



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