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ALFA Council welcomes new faces and President

The Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA) held their Annual General Meeting today, 21 October 2021, via virtual link and welcomed four new faces to the Council and a change in office bearers, including a newly elected President and Treasurer.

Broadcast to ALFA members via webinar due to COVID-19, ALFA President Bryce Camm opened the meeting with his President report that conveyed the Association’s achievements over what he stated was a sustained strong 12-month period, despite the challenging operating environment.

“ALFA proudly represents over 80 percent of Australian cattle feedlot capacity. We strive for excellence in all services that ALFA delivers on behalf of our members, including industry representation, providing training and technical services, and stakeholder collaboration,” Mr Camm said.

“The past twelve months has continued to be challenging in dealing with the global pandemic, however the Association has learned to adapt, and we are proud of our efforts and our ability to continue to deliver value to the lot feeding community,” Mr Camm said.

Highlights reported to members from ALFA’s 2021 Year in Review included:

  • Announcing major policies including the ALFA Shade Initiative that encourages all Australian feedlots to make a pledge to provide cattle under their care with access to shade by 2026 and stepping up our commitment to Antimicrobial Stewardship from 1 January 2022.

  • ALFA, in collaboration with MLA, proudly launched at Beef Australia 2021 to showcase the attributes of the grain fed beef production system and enable the feedlot industry to better tell its story on how we nourish cattle, land and communities.

  • A new online training, education and careers hub, Feedlot TECH, was launched by ALFA and MLA to showcase feedlot industry careers and provide feedlot operators and individuals better access to training, professional development and career path opportunities.

  • Launching a dedicated Carbon Neutral Hub designed to assist lot feeders on the collective industry’s journey to Carbon Neutrality by 2030.

  • Delivered workshops on Nutrition and Milling, Animal Health and Welfare, Pen Cleaning, Carbon Neutrality and Shade with over 1,300 feedlot staff attending.

  • Over 169 groups virtually attended ALFA’s virtual conference program, SmartBeef Bites, in October 2021 showing true support for industry after COVID-19 forced the cancellation of the SmartBeef 2021 in-person event.

  • Supporting feedlots through COVID-19 by delivering timely communications to help feedlots prepare for and manage the impact of the virus.

  • Successful delivery of ALFA’s Recognition of Excellence Awards Program which encourages and celebrates excellence through scholarships and awards such as the Australian Feedlot of the Year, Young Lot Feeder of the Year, the Award for Innovation, Community Heroes Award, and the Excellence in Feedlot Education Medal.

  • Continued partnership with Meat & Livestock Australia to undertake effective Research and Development on behalf of lot feeders with progress made in the areas of feedlot automation, dark cutting research, and methane emission suppression.

“ALFA continues to work diligently towards delivering on its Strategic Operating Plan titled “ALFA Initiatives 2020-2023” to deliver value to members whilst also contributing to the Industry’s overall objectives set out in RED MEAT 2030,” Mr Camm said.

During the AGM proceedings, ALFA welcomed four new individual representatives elected by the membership to join the Council:

David Bailey Representing Australian Country Choice feedlots, Brindley Park; Brisbane Valley; and Opal Creek, Queensland Lauren McNally Representing Stockyard Lot Feeders Pty Ltd, Queensland Lucy Morris Representing Lake Preston Feedlot, Western Australia

Andrew Talbot Representing Killara Feedlot, New South Wales

A change in office bearers was also endorsed at the AGM, including Barbara (Barb) Madden who was elected as ALFA President, following Bryce Camm’s decision to retire from the position after completing his three-year term. Bryce Camm now fills the important role of Immediate Past President. Amanda Moohen was elected Treasurer, and Grant Garey and Paul Vogt re-elected as Vice Presidents.

ALFA Office Bearers and Councillors confirmed for 2021/22 are:

  • Barbara Madden (President)

  • Bryce Camm (Immediate Past President)

  • Amanda Moohen (Treasurer)

  • Grant Garey (Vice President)

  • Paul Vogt (Vice President)

  • Scott Braund (Councillor)

  • Daryle Belford (Councillor)

  • David Bailey (Councillor)

  • Lauren McNally (Councillor)

  • Andrew Talbot (Councillor)

  • Lucy Morris (Councillor)

  • Thomas Green (Councillor)

  • Stephen Martin (Councillor)

  • Grant Melrose (Councillor)

  • Todd Newton (Councillor)

  • Andrew Rushford (Councillor)

Mrs Madden welcomed incoming Councillors, Lucy, Andrew, Lauren and David, and acknowledged and thanked retiring Councillors Tony Batterham and Trevor Hinck for their contribution to the Association and to industry.

“The election of four new Councillors will positively help us continue to represent the interests of members and innovate and improve the Association to help members drive further growth and development in the Australian lot feeding sector,” Mrs Madden said.

“On behalf of ALFA members and past and present Councillors our gratitude and appreciation goes out to Tony and Trevor for their generous contribution to ALFA, and we wish them both well,” Mrs Madden said.

Mrs Madden thanked retiring President Bryce Camm for his service to ALFA in the President position, and said she was looking forward to his guidance as the Immediate Past President.

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For more information:

Barb Madden ALFA President

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Madie Hamilton

General Manager - Communications & Engagement

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