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Visit Platinum Member Lallemand at Beef Australia

Swing by the Lallemand group site and visit the team at Beef Australia, 5-11 May 2024.

🌾 Step into the world of silage at Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s Beef Australia 2024 Stand! 🌾

Calling all beef enthusiasts, forage aficionados, and silage seekers! If you’re ready to dive deep into the heart of beef production, look no further than the Lallemand Animal Nutrition forage centre of excellence display.


We will take you through the entire lifecycle of forage to silage at our multi-stakeholder site with the presence of Fodderlink, Roto-Mix, Pacific Seeds, Eagle Direct and Landpower, plus a host of silage contractors and silage professionals.

Learn about optimal feeding strategies, nutritional balance, and how to keep those rumens humming. Our team is as passionate about animals as you are. Ask them anything—from inoculants to bunk management—and watch their eyes light up.

Five days of agri-adventure, and a chance to connect with the entire beef community. It’s where ideas collide, innovations spark, and friendships are made.

So, whether you’re a seasoned silage player or a curious newbie, join us at the Lallemand forage centre of excellence.

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