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The feedlot industry is 'Raising the Steaks' in celebration on 26 June

We're 'Raising the Steaks' across the country this June to kick off the 25th Anniversary celebrations of the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS), and you're invited.

ALFA, alongside MLA and AUS-MEAT, is planning a national Raising the Steaks Day barbecue event on June 26 and is inviting all NFAS accredited feedlots across Australia to get involved by holding a staff BBQ at their site to stop and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Australian grain-fed beef industry's quality assurance system, NFAS, which underpins the integrity of our industry.

ALFA is encouraging feedlots to register for the event to receive a Raising the Steaks Day pack, which will include merchandise for use at their barbecue event along with information on how they can share moments from their event via social media with the event hashtags #raisingthesteaks #NFAS25Years and how to join in on the national event socially.

Register here:



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