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Teys Australia Charlton Show'ing Community Spirit

Charlton Feedlot are proud of their livestock team's horsemanship skills that they've been demonstrating at the local Charlton Show for the past 3 years, that has evolved into a full demonstration of how to work cattle on horseback with low stress cattle handling.

Teys Australia Charlton Feedlot has entered this initiative into the inaugural ALFA Community Heroes Award 2021, proudly supported by Lallemand Animal Nutrition. The winner will be announced at the ALFA SmartBeef 2021 Conference in October. Read on to find out more about how this feedlot is going above and beyond to support their local community.

Tell us about your initiative...

Teys Australia Charlton Feedlot has been demonstrating their livestock team’s horsemanship skills at the local Charlton Show for the past 3 years (2020 cancelled due to Covid). We were initially approached by the A&P Society to become a feature exhibit at the show, with feeder animals on display as an exhibit. This developed into a demonstration of low stress cattle handling and has evolved into a full demonstration of working cattle on horseback, challenging our staff with different disciplines, through an obstacle course (posts, fences etc) and back into a holding yard. The feedlot’s livestock team were divided into pairs and were timed and scored for their efforts. The broader feedlot team were on hand to support and cheer on their workmates and create atmosphere.

What impact is the initiative having on the local community?

Teys Charlton has a valued presence within the local Charlton community not only being one of the largest employers of the shire, but being major sponsors of events and clubs. The Feedlot has built these relationships over many years, with many of our staff being long term employees and residents of Charlton & the greater Buloke Shire. Sponsorships include Charlton Football Club, Charlton Cricket Club, Charlton Tennis Tournament, Charlton Golf Tournament, Charlton Rotary Art Show as well as many smaller community events (and of course the Show). While we know that monetary support is crucial to community events, we realised that a physical presence would also be of benefit, linking interactions as simple as a hand shake and putting faces to the Teys name.

The local Charlton community understood what the Feedlot produced, but we asked ourselves what more could we do to show the people of Charlton our contribution to the lot feeding industry. Did they know how we achieved our day-to-day tasks? Did they know that we used horses on site to conduct our cattle work and why?

While our livestock team put themselves in the spotlight to demonstrate their abilities and strengths in what they do every day of the week to spectators, a running commentary was given by both our General Manager and Operations Manager. The informative commentary covered general information about the feedlot, supported with a static display of ration feed given to cattle together with an innovative site video, showcasing further information on the operation of a 22,000 head feedlot.

For future shows, we are expanding on our exhibit, collaborating with the A&P Committee, a more inter-active static display showcasing more videos of developments and initiatives at the feedlot. Showcasing our award winning products & brands that we produce in our home town of Charlton, that feeds the nation (and other countries & cultures) with our high quality beef. We also plan to showcase the meat we produce by offering a Steak Sandwich (cooked by feedlot staff), with all proceeds being donated to the A&P Society.

The feedlot turns 50 this year and thus will be an exciting time, with many local people having long standing relationships, directly or indirectly with the feedlot. Teys will be hosting a stand-alone 50 year anniversary event, celebrating all of the accomplishments and its history and people up until now.

About the ALFA Community Heroes Award

Australian feedlots are vital to the fabric of rural and regional Australia by creating jobs, supporting families, and contributing to local economies and the environment. This award recognises and rewards those feedlots that are actively nourishing their local communities and environment by going above and beyond to support their community, that ‘give-back’ and better the environment around them. The winning initiative will receive a $5,000 cash donation towards a local charity, business, or feedlot initiative to assist in further development and impact of the initiative.​

How to Enter:

Entries close 31 August 2021. To enter, complete the online entry form at

With thanks to our ALFA Platinum Member sponsor, Lallemand Animal Nutrition for their support of this Award.


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