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Safe Catch Cattle Crush - Award for Innovation 2022 Entry

Safe Catch Cattle Crush by Rolfe Designs is a remote controlled, hydraulic cattle crush, powered by 12 volt battery which is trickle charged by solar panels.

Rolfe Designs has entered this innovation into the ALFA Award for Innovation 2022, proudly supported by Integrated Animal Production. The winner will be announced at the ALFA BeefEx22 Conference in October. Read on to find out more about this innovation within the feedlot industry.

Tell us, how is the innovation original/innovative?

Safe Catch Cattle Crush is original because it is the only battery powered crush in the world. It is remote controlled, giving the operator the ability to move away from the crush, so that the cattle don't get stirred up, ensuring the safety of the workers and cattle.

The slam catch gate catches, stops the rattling of gates which keeps the cattle quiet. All of the crush's operations are silent which in turn keeps the cattle quiet, leading to less accidents and bruising in the yards.

Sprockets instead of levers make it more mechanically superior allowing the hydraulic power pack to function more economically.

So, how does it benefit the Australian Lot Feeding Industry?

Less personnel is needed to work the cattle, making it more efficient, safer for animals and people.

Meat is more tender, because the animals are calm.

Less personnel means it is more economical.

And how does it integrate into Australian Lot Feeding operations?

This crush can easily be swapped with existing crushes. The installation process is minimal as the crush comes fully-built and is easy to install on site.

For More Information Contact:

Greg Rolfe, - Rolfe Designs 0427759252 |

About the ALFA Award for Innovation

All BeefEx exhibitors & sponsors with an innovative product or service are encouraged to enter the Australian Lot Feeders’ Association’s (ALFA) Innovation Award – designed to acknowledge excellence in innovation from companies supplying and servicing the lot feeding sector.

With thanks to our sponsor, Integrated Animal Production Pty Ltd, for their support of this Award.



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