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Register your interest for Course 14 of MPM Program

Management at its simplest is the art or science of overseeing resources, but the actual process of managing people and a business is never as straightforward.

In an effort to give feedlot employees and industry professionals who aspire to gain a leadership role a deeper understanding of how to manage a modern feedlot business, the Australian Lot Feeders’ Association is once again facilitating the Margin and People Management (MPM) Program.

The MPM Program is also valuable for those employees who already manage a number of staff and are looking to gain further skills in the area of people management or perhaps seeking a better understanding of general business management.

Run annually over several months, the MPM Program is delivered via four, two-day training sessions by a range of facilitators and includes a feedlot and processing plant tour.

Training modules include people and general management; commodity management, crisis management and finance fundamentals; and, professional presentation training and people management.

The MPM Program was established in 2008 and now boasts a strong alumni network of over 120 lot feeders and industry professionals, many of whom are now prominent industry leaders.

Kerwee Feedlot feed team supervisor Luke Gaske, Jondaryan, Queensland, is a graduate of the 2019 MPM Program and said what he learnt in the program was invaluable to his role.

Kerwee Feedlot feed team supervisor Luke Gaske.

“Although every feedlot is different and individual, we do face daily challenges that are quite similar across the industry,” Luke said.

“Some of the skills that I’ve learnt from the MPM Program have been how to deal with different day-to-day situations on a more professional level, and being able to take that emotion out and answer the questions that people need from their supervisor or manager.”

Rangers Valley Feedlot leading hand Kate Meadows, Glen Innes, NSW, also completed the program in 2019 and said she thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kate said key lessons she took away from the program included learning more about herself and how she portrayed herself as a leader, and how to diffuse the emotions of both herself and others during various situations.

“You won’t regret it,” she said.

“You’ll meet awesome people, it’s fun and educational all at once.”

Positions in Course 13 of the ALFA MPM Program are now full, however those who would like to complete the program are encouraged to email to register their interest in Course 14.


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