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Red Meat 2030 has been launched. Here’s everything you need to know.

Red meat sector business leaders, decision-makers and policy players congregated in Canberra last night for the launch of our industry’s strategic 10 year plan: ​Red Meat 2030​. 

Red Meat 2030 is a dynamic plan that will give the industry a united voice; creating profitable businesses, consumers who feel good about our products and a world-leading industry to be proud of.

Through Red Meat 2030, the entire red meat supply chain has set the ambitious vision of doubling the value of Australian red meat sales by 2030 as the trusted source of the highest quality protein. 

Why Red Meat 2030? 

The plan will benefit everyone in the industry - from producer to retailer - as well as customers, consumers and communities, here and across the globe.

For red meat businesses it will provide the tools needed to respond to consumer expectations, as well as helping us to remain productive, profitable and resilient.


As an industry, it will give us a stronger, united voice to government and the community, empowering us to be proactive towards changes and challenges, as we  work towards 2030. 

How to get involved 

Red Meat 2030 is a living plan; with ongoing review and engagement every step of the way to deliver our 2030 vision. To keep up to date on the latest news and opportunities, sign up for RMAC’s monthly newsletter ​here​. 

Or you can contact ALFA with feedback, questions and comments by emailing or calling us directly. 



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