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Powerhouse Seaweed - Award for Innovation 2022 Entry

FutureFeed is the revolutionary solution using the powerhouse seaweed to lower methane emissions from livestock by over 80% at small inclusions. Discovered by scientists from Australia's national science agency CSIRO with James Cook University and Meat and Livestock Australia, the solution has been launched for the Australian feedlot market.

Future Feed has entered this innovation into the ALFA Award for Innovation 2022, proudly supported by Integrated Animal Production. The winner will be announced at the ALFA BeefEx22 Conference in October. Read on to find out more about this innovation within the feedlot industry.

Tell us, how is the innovation original/innovative?

FutureFeed is a livestock feed supplement derived from seaweed that not only dramatically reduces beef methane production but studies have indicated could increase productivity and/or feed efficiency. Because of the mode of action there is continued efficacy with no evidence of decline detected over 147 day trial periods. Additionally producing seaweed could produce important social and environmental co-benefits increasing adoption incentive: it can help improve water quality and reduce ocean acidification, and create regional employment opportunities.

So, how does it benefit the Australian Lot Feeding Industry?

Tackling livestock emissions has been difficult but this solution could cost-effectively reduce emissions, presents no need to re-engineer feeding systems, and could provide a productivity incentive to improve the profitability of livestock systems.

And how does it integrate into Australian Lot Feeding operations?

Our impact partners take Asparagopsis-based products to market and commercial sales have begun. There are a number of lot feeders involved in pilots/ trials including AACO and ACC.

For More Information Contact:

Eve Faulkner, Future Feed 0421766850 |

About the ALFA Award for Innovation

All BeefEx exhibitors & sponsors with an innovative product or service are encouraged to enter the Australian Lot Feeders’ Association’s (ALFA) Innovation Award – designed to acknowledge excellence in innovation from companies supplying and servicing the lot feeding sector.

With thanks to our sponsor, Integrated Animal Production Pty Ltd, for their support of this Award.



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