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Fact Sheet: Cyber Security – What does getting it right look like?

The recording of ALFA's webinar on Cyber Security - What does getting it right look like? can now be accessed on Feedlot TECH.

ALFA teamed up with ParaFlare to bring you a Webinar aimed at providing participants with a better understanding of how to get Cyber Security right in 2023. With the Optus and Medibank data breaches taking up the news headlines toward the end of 2022, it is clear this is an increasingly pressing topic to understand.

ParaFlare are positioned at the advanced end of cyber security, dealing in the area of unknown threats and providing organisations with a much-needed fast response when it comes to managing these threats. Hear from Marcus Thompson, ex Head of Information Warfare at the ADF, sharing his insights on what getting cyber security right can look like for the Feedlot Industry. Marcus


Marcus Thompson is a retired Major General who served 34 years in the Australian Army. He served in a variety of command, regimental and Special Operations appointments. His final appointment was Inaugural Head of Information Warfare for the Australian Defence Force.

Marcus holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with honours, a Bachelor of Business, a Masters Degree in Defence Studies, a Masters Degree in Strategic Studies, and a PhD in Cyber Security. He was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in the 2014 Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

Since leaving the Australian Army, Marcus has continued to focus on improving national cyber security and developing sovereign Australian capability. He has worked with and supported several Australian entities, including Bank Australia, Macquarie Telecom, Macquarie Bank, NAB, and the Melbourne Business School. He is the Chair of the Board of ParaFlare.


This webinar will benefit feedlot management and staff, as well as ALFA's Platinum Associate and Student Members. It will also appeal to a wide audience outside the feedlot industry.


To sign up:

  1. Please enter your email address and create a password.

  2. A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox (if it does not appear, check your junk mail).

  3. Click the link in the email to confirm your account and complete your account details.

  4. When prompted, enter your feedlot NFAS Number or Group Number if you have it to access training.

  5. To access the webinar, click Dashboard (top left of screen) and then click Catalogue. Find the ‘Cyber Security Webinar’ course from the list, then click Enrol and Start to begin the course.

  6. You will then be able to watch the webinar recording and complete the quiz. Your Certificate of Completion will be issued via Feedlot TECH post the completion of the course.

An instructional video on how to sign up is available here. If you have difficulties logging in or accessing the course, please contact the Feedlot TECH support

This webinar has been developed in collaboration with Paraflare.



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