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Introducing New ALFA Platinum Member: Roto-Mix LLC

We are excited to welcome Roto-Mix LLC as a Platinum Member of the Australian Lot Feeders' Association (ALFA).

Roto-Mix is a renowned global leader in innovative feed mixing solutions. For over 30 years, they have been at the forefront of providing top-quality feed mixing equipment that ensures optimal nutrition and efficiency for livestock operations. With a strong commitment to research and development, Roto-Mix continuously evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of the agricultural sector.

Roto-Mix specialises in cutting-edge feed mixers and delivery systems designed to enhance feed quality, reduce waste, and increase productivity.

Their state-of-the-art equipment is trusted by producers worldwide to deliver consistent and nutritious feed that directly impacts the health and welfare of livestock.

Roto-Mix is excited to join ALFA and contribute to the growth and success of the Australian lot feeding industry. Their partnership with ALFA reflects their dedication to supporting the local community and fostering innovation within the feedlot sector.

Together, we aim to elevate the lot feeding industry and shape a prosperous future for the grain fed beef sector. We encourage you to join us in extending a warm welcome to Roto-Mix LLC as they join the ALFA community via their newly appointed Platinum Membership. We look forward to collaborating and delivering value for the feedlot community for years to come.

In fact, this year Roto-Mix are the official naming partner for the official Smartbeef23 Roto-Mix After Party – so grab your tickets to SmartBeef23 and come along to meet the Roto-Mix reps in October.

ALFA offers 8 tightly held Platinum Member positions, with Roto-Mix LLC now joining longstanding partners Coopers Animal Health, Performance Feeds, Zoetis, GrainCorp, MetalCorp, Nutriment Health, and Lallemand Animal Nutrition. Platinum Membership is offered by invitation only. Expressions of interest can be registered here to be alerted about future openings.

Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to engage with Roto-Mix and other ALFA Platinum Members in our upcoming e-newsletters.

Meet the Roto-Mix team at SmartBeef23!



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