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Grain fed beef industry launches grassroots campaign

The Australian grain fed beef sector is proud to launch a new platform to showcase the quality attributes of grain fed beef production in Australia that will allow the sector to tell its authentic story on how they nourish cattle, land and communities.

Officially launching at Beef Australia 2021, is a dedicated resource that supports the many grain fed beef producers, suppliers and consumers who proudly produce, market and consume the delicious, nutritious and consistent quality beef.

Queensland-based lot feeder, Barb Madden of Smithfield Cattle Company, is excited about the launch of and said it was a project brought on by curious consumers and those involved in producing and supplying the highly sought-after product.

“To date, there has been a lack of readily accessible, credible information available on the production of grain fed beef in Australia, specifically. A central source of verified information will prove to be a valuable resource for those seeking out this information,” Barb explained.

The site and Instagram account [@grainfedbeef] promises to deliver tantalising stories on how grain fed beef is produced and how people like to enjoy the tender, juicy flavours that is consistent with grain fed beef.

“Australian grain fed beef is an exceptional product, underpinned by a quality assurance system that is considered the world's best practice. Consumers might be surprised by the quality, care and pride that goes into every step, from production to product, welfare and environment.”

“The site will help us collectively tell our story in a clear and engaging way about the high standards we operate to and communicate the progress we’re continually making in line with community expectations,” Barb said.

Anyone seeking out information on grain fed beef production will find value in the site.

The site covers sought after topics including animal welfare, environment, production, product, nutrition, and people.

Peak industry body, the Australian Lot Feeders' Association (ALFA), in collaboration with Meat and Livestock Australia, worked with lot feeders, restaurateurs and chefs to bring to life.

Lot feeders and brand owners are encouraged to get behind the site by sharing it with their networks and contributing to the success of the campaign by sharing their own story via

ALFA invites interested parties to attend their launch event at Beef 2021 in Rockhampton at 4pm on May 5 at Stand 85, Walter Pearce Pavilion.

To find out more, ALFA will be launching the site at Beef 2021 in Rockhampton at 4pm on May 5 at Stand 85, Walter Pearce Pavilion. To attend virtually, there will be a live stream via @grainfedbeef - follow now to get an alert as we go live.

To celebrate the launch, ALFA is running a ‘Dine out on Grain Fed Beef’ giveaway via the website and instagram account until June 25. Enter for a chance to win a $600 Good Food Restaurant Gift Card and a limited-edition Australian Grain Fed Beef Sabatier Chefs knife.


Media contacts:

Barb Madden |ALFACouncillor & Chair Grain Fed Beef Website Committee (02) 9290 3700

Madeleine Hamilton | ALFA Communications Manager 0447 617 428

Story Image Download:

Caption: Barb Madden is the proud Ambassador for the Grain Fed Beef website, launching May 5 at Beef Australia 2021.


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