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Grain fed beef Industry body goes from strength to strength

  • Australian Lot Feeders’ Association Annual General Meeting a resounding success in implementing change for the future via endorsement of special resolution to adopt it’s new constitution

  • Australian Lot Feeders’ Association welcomes two new directors to Board; Marcus Doumany & Jeff Dight

  • Barb Madden re-elected as President of Australian Lot Feeders’ Association

The Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday 22 November 2023, with members in attendance welcoming in both the election of Board Members and Office Bearers, and a modernised constitution unanimously supported by its membership via a special resolution.

During the AGM proceedings, held in person in Brisbane and via live stream to members, ALFA welcomed the election of the following new Board Members and re-elected representatives to the Board:

  • Marcus Doumany, representing Stockyard Lot Feeders Pty Ltd, Kerwee Feedlot, QLD

  • Jeff Dight, representing Myola Feedlot, NSW

  • Paul Vogt, representing Associated Feedlots, NSW (re-elected)

  • Thomas Green, representing Camm Agricultural Group, Penang Feedlot, QLD (re-elected)

ALFA Office Bearers were also elected at the AGM and include:

  • Barbara (Barb) Madden, representing Smithfield Cattle Company, QLD, who was re-elected as ALFA President and will now serve her third term

  • Grant Garey, representing Teys Australia Feedlots, who was re-elected as ALFA Vice President

  • Paul Vogt, representing Associated Feedlots NSW, who was also re-elected as ALFA Vice President

Board members retiring at the conclusion of this term included Stephen Martin, with Bryce Camm and Daryle Belford having retired earlier in the term.

ALFA Board members elect for 2023/24 are:

  • Barbara Madden (President)

  • Amanda Moohen (Treasurer)

  • Grant Garey (Vice President)

  • Paul Vogt (Vice President)

  • Scott Braund (Councillor)

  • David Bailey (Councillor)

  • Thomas Green (Councillor)

  • Lauren McNally (Councillor)

  • Grant Melrose (Councillor)

  • Lucy Morris (Councillor)

  • Andrew Rushford (Councillor)

  • Andrew Talbot (Councillor)

  • Marcus Doumany (Councillor)

  • Jeff Dight (Councillor)

ALFA's 17th President, Barb Madden, delivered a comprehensive address during the meeting, providing an overview of the rigorous 12-month process that both the Board and Executive undertook in collaboration with consultants, Governology to develop the new constitution. This collaborative effort included member consultation and feedback which greatly assisted and shaped the new constitution.

Mrs Madden acknowledged the effectiveness of the previous constitution, crafted by industry pioneers, which has served ALFA well for the past 53 years. Approaching its 54th year as the recognised representative body for Australian Lot Feeders, the Board deemed it timely to review the constitution, ensuring its relevance in the contemporary landscape.

The newly endorsed constitution introduces several operational changes for ALFA. It includes an updated definition for Feedlot and Lot Feeding aligned with the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS). The Council is now referred to as the Board of Directors, and the Board structure allows for up to 11 Directors, including up to two Appointed Directors, facilitating external perspectives to complement the existing collective skills.

Reported to all members in ALFA’s Annual Report ‘Year in Review 2023’, Mrs Madden went on to highlight the Association’s key outcomes against its strategy achieved on behalf of all feedlot operators.

“ALFA proudly represents 90% percent of Australian cattle feedlot capacity, a figure we are proud to say has increased year-on-year.

“We are an industry that promotes transparency and continual improvement. We strive to nurture cattle, land and community in what we do every single day,” Mrs Madden said.

“In pursuit of industry best practice, we continued promoting our shade Initiative, aiming to encourage all feedlots to provide shade/shelter to all cattle in their care by 2026.

“Since the launch of the ALFA Shade Initiative in 2020, the number of cattle under shade has increased from 810,376 head (56% of capacity) in June 2020 to 1,065,502 head (68% of Australia’s feedlot capacity) in June 2023,” Mrs Madden said.

Reflecting on the Association's commitment to the development of individuals and capabilities, Mrs Madden emphasised the significance of ALFA's Annual Recognition of Excellence Program in consistently discovering the talent and achievements within our sector.

“We saw Timothy Brennan, Livestock Manager at NH Foods Whyalla Beef, named 2023 ALFA Young Lot Feeder of the Year, and Stockyard Beef’s Kerwee Feedlot take out the ALFA Community Heroes Award for the Schools based program, at SmartBeef in Tamworth this October,” Mrs Madden stated.

"ALFA remains dedicated to investing in the acknowledgment and rewarding of both business and individual excellence, as it lies at the core of ALFA's values and principles.”

The continued investment in Feedlot TECH, ALFA’s online careers and training portal, proudly supported by Meat & Livestock Australia, continues to show return on investment via the solid uptake by lot feeders and those interested in a career in lot feeding.

“Remarkably, since launching in 2020, Feedlot TECH has played a pivotal role in upskilling 1,640 individuals through online training, with an impressive enrolment count of 1,942 across short courses covering the fundamentals of lot feeding.

“Addressing the critical focus on Industry Capacity, ALFA has successfully upskilled an additional 532 individuals through various training initiatives, including the Margin & People Management (MPM) Program, its staple Workshop Series on Animal Health & Nutrition & Milling, its Animal Welfare Officer (AWO) Certified Training, and its facilitated online sessions in the last 12 months.

“SmartBeef, attended by a record-breaking 372 individuals in 2023, contributed to a grand total of 2,846 training opportunities directly delivered to our membership and the broader sector by ALFA.

“When you have 1,800 people are directly employed by the feedlot industry in Australia according to a Deloitte Report published in 2018, this is an impressive feat by the incredible team at ALFA.

“Industry Capacity is a major focus for ALFA, and through our training programs such as Margin & People Management (MPM) Program, our Workshop Series, Animal Welfare Officer (AWO) Certified Training, and our facilitated online training sessions in the past 12 months we have upskilled a further 532 people in this space. With a record-breaking 372 people attending our SmartBeef event this year, that’s a total of 2,846 training opportunities delivered direct to our membership and broader sector by ALFA.

Mrs. Madden remarked, "The industry's commitment to embracing change and investing in the training of their teams speaks volumes about its resilience and potential for long-term success."

In closing Mrs Madden welcomed re-elected Board Members and Office Bearers and acknowledged and thanked retiring Board Members, Stephen Martin, Bryce Camm and Daryle Belford for their contribution to the Association and to industry.

“On behalf of ALFA members and the Board, our gratitude and appreciation goes out to Stephen, Bryce and Daryle for their generous contribution to ALFA, and we wish them well,” Mrs Madden said.


Media Enquiries:

Barb Madden

ALFA President

(02) 9290 3700

Madie Hamilton

ALFA General Manager - Communications & Engagement

0447 617 428



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