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Feedlot sector welcomes QLD Government decision to protect GAB

The Australian lot feeding sector has welcomed the Queensland Government’s decision to protect the Great Artesian Basin (GAB) by rejecting Carbon Transport and Storage Corporation (CTSC) Surat Basin Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Project proposal.


In making the determination, the Queensland Department of Environment, Science and Innovation (DESI) has confirmed ALFA’s concerns that CTSC’s proposal to inject liquid CO2 waste into the GAB presented an unacceptable risk to the integrity, safety, and security of Australia’s food production.


ALFA President, Barb Madden, said DESI’s assessment that the proposed project would likely lead to irreversible damage to groundwater quality through potential contamination and migration is affirmation of the concerns raised by ALFA and our members.


“With close to 50 percent of the feedlot industry’s national capacity relying on the GAB to care for our cattle, it was imperative that science prevailed, and the right decision was made,” Mrs Madden said.


ALFA has worked alongside many agricultural representative bodies, individual businesses and community representative groups to point out that the GAB provides an invaluable, safe and secure supply of water to numerous communities and agricultural enterprises.


“We applaud the Queensland Government’s rigorous assessment process of CTSC’s Environmental Impact Statement that has led to today’s decision.


“Today’s outcome is a step in the right direction for governments to prioritise water and food security. It sets an important precedent for future protections to be put in place to protect GAB water for agricultural and community use,” Mrs Madden said.


Above all, today’s decision enables Australian lot feeders’ to continue to produce safe, high-quality grain-fed beef to feed families in Australia and abroad.



Media Enquiries:

Barb Madden

ALFA President

(02) 9290 3700

Madie Hamilton

ALFA GM – Communications & Engagement

(02) 9290 3700






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