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Feedlot industry launches new careers and training platform showcasing opportunities

  • Australian Lot Feeders’ Association and Meat & Livestock Australia launch new Feedlot Training, Education and Careers Hub at its SmartBeef Bites Conference today

  • Feedlot Industry proactive in developing core skills training for lot feeders

  • Platform set to attract prospective employees to pursue a career in the grain fed beef sector

The Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA) has today launched an innovative careers and training website that will assist the feedlot sector to attract, retain and grow the capacity of the feedlot workforce, at ALFA’s SmartBeef Bites virtual conference.

An initiative of ALFA, in collaboration with Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), the Feedlot Training, Education and Careers Hub (Feedlot TECH), is a key output of the industry’s Feedlot Career Development and Training Strategy that identified the need to provide the industry with a clear career development pathway for the attainment of skills through training, professional development and support networks.

Feedlot TECH is an online platform that showcases the many career, employment, and professional development opportunities available within the feedlot sector, across all career stages. It also provides access to ALFA/MLA developed feedlot-specific core training and links to external training provider courses relevant to feedlot employees.

ALFA President, Bryce Camm, said that industry’s Feedlot Career Development and Training Strategy recognised that attracting and building capable high performing teams is the key ingredient to operational excellence, business continuity and growth.

“Feedlot TECH is designed to attract talent to our industry by showcasing the great career opportunities to a wider audience while also providing a one-stop-shop for upskilling new and existing staff in core feedlot skills in a highly engaging manner,” Bryce said.

There is such a diverse and exciting range of feedlot industry careers available and at a time when many operators are experiencing labour shortages, it’s a great time to promote what is on offer to those outside our industry,” Bryce said.

“The website also provides access to feedlot-specific core training developed by-industry-for-industry and links to external training provider courses; all designed to help feedlot employees obtain the necessary skills to perform at their best.”

“E-learning is an exciting new space for ALFA and one that operators and staff are becoming a lot more receptive to due to its efficiency, flexibility, and technical appeal,” Bryce said.

“We have had a really positive response to our on-line training and webinars during COVID -19 and we see this form of training being an important tool to upskill and grow the future capacity of our workforce.”

“Feedlot operators are very proactive in supporting training and development and we see this continuing with Feedlot Tech being a key platform in assisting operators attract, build and retain capable high performing teams,” Bryce said.

To find out more about careers, training, and opportunities available in the feedlot sector, visit the newly launched Feedlot TECH online training platform at


Image downloads for Media use (click to download):

  • An initiative of ALFA and MLA, Feedlot TECH showcases career opportunities in the Feedlot industry.

  • Feedlot TECH offers feedlot-specific online training to upskill staff in core feedlot skills and best practice operations.

Media Enquiries:

Bryce Camm

ALFA President

(02) 9290 3700

Madie Hamilton

ALFA General Manager - Communications & Engagement

0447 617 428



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