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Eco-Net Bale Net - Award for Innovation 2022 Entry

Unipak has launched a breakthrough sustainable net wrap, for use in round silage bales, that provides a gateway solution for agricultural plastic waste, that also provides a significant saving for the end user. The world’s first environmentally responsible net wrap, Eco-Net Bale Net, is available now in Australia and is made from 100% from recycled HDPE resins. As one of Australia’s leading suppliers of crop packaging and meat processing packaging, Unipak is committed to reducing plastic waste where it can without sacrificing performance in its products.

Unipak Pty Ltd has entered this innovation into the ALFA Award for Innovation 2022, proudly supported by Integrated Animal Production. The winner will be announced at the ALFA BeefEx22 Conference in October. Read on to find out more about this innovation within the feedlot industry.

Tell us, how is the innovation original/innovative?

Unipak understands the important role plastic plays in the fodder conservation sector while still recognising the importance of driving practical solutions towards environmental responsibility.

Unipak is highly conscious of the fact that tonnes of plastic go into regional Australia each year by way of crop packaging materials. Given how these specialist PE materials are required to behave, it’s been difficult to develop a recycled product to fit the criteria. As a result, it has required virgin polymer materials to manufacture those products up until now. This new product is made from 100% recycled HDPE resins without sacrificing performance. All product standards are guaranteed with this product - length, high tensile strength, and this net is suitable for all round balers. In addition, the entire packaging of Eco-Net - the material itself and the core - is made of recycled materials as well.

So, how does it benefit the Australian Lot Feeding Industry?

UniPak is committed to the environment and listening to customer demand. We are continually asked about how to reduce plastic usage or recycling in regional Australia, and the effect plastic can have on regional areas, so we see this as a real win for our sector as a whole. In fact, it’s a triple win. A win for the environment, a win for our industry, and a win for our distributors and trade partners through a generous price saving.

And how does it integrate into Australian Lot Feeding operations?

Unipak is anticipating strong support of this product from this season onwards, especially with the price of silage film being driven so high over the last two years, the saving it provides is welcome. Also, like Europe, there will be a plastics tax implemented in some form in Australia in the very near future, for fodder conservation packaging materials, so the overall cost to animal feed will increase with that cost of that packaging being passed onto the end user. With the introduction of recycled materials in these products we are trying to circumvent any additional costs to end users while also fulfilling a sustainability criteria. We know this is the way of the future and we want to be at the forefront driving positive change.

For More Information Contact:

Anton Reynolds, Managing Director - Unipak Pty Ltd

About the ALFA Award for Innovation

All BeefEx exhibitors & sponsors with an innovative product or service are encouraged to enter the Australian Lot Feeders’ Association’s (ALFA) Innovation Award – designed to acknowledge excellence in innovation from companies supplying and servicing the lot feeding sector.

With thanks to our sponsor, Integrated Animal Production Pty Ltd, for their support of this Award.



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