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Calling community-minded lot feeders

Bryce Camm, President of the Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA), is today calling on feedlots who are active in their local communities to nominate for the inaugural ALFA Community Heroes Award.

This award recognises and rewards those feedlots that are actively nourishing their local communities and environment by going above and beyond to support their community, ‘give-back’ and better the environment around them.

“Australian feedlots are vital to the fabric of rural and regional Australia by creating jobs, supporting families, and contributing to local economies and the environment,” Bryce said.
ALFA Community Heroes Award

“Whether your feedlot is involved with outreach to local indigenous groups, schools, aged care, disabled groups or is working with local council or clubs to improve facilities in the area or donating cattle, staff, or feed to local campdrafts for example - we want to reward those efforts.”

“Perhaps the community initiative is internal, like flexible working arrangements so that staff can contribute to a local community initiative or hosting groups on site to conduct tours to help educate local communities on feedlot operations.

“Or it can be making a positive difference to the environment, for example planting of trees or community clean-up activities, engaging with local groups on the conservation and protection of natural habitats land, rivers and the wildlife. Whatever your community focus is, however big or small, it deserves to be recognised and celebrated.”


Connecting next gen with food production

They may be sporting small boots now but the next generation is already taking big strides in the agricultural sector. While some kids have little idea where their food comes from, the children of Tintinara, South Australia have got it covered thanks to Food Connect, a Thomas Foods International Feedlot (TFI) initiative.

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“There is no limit to the number of times an entrant can apply. For example, an entrant may enter more than one initiative per year and they may enter the same initiative more than once, over multiple years,” Bryce said.

Proudly sponsored by Lallemand Animal Nutrition, the winner will receive a $5,000 cash donation towards a local charity, business, or feedlot initiative.

ALFA believes it is important to foster and encourage feedlots to make a positive impact on their local environment and community. The award is designed to recognise feedlots who excel in their community and is part of ALFA’s Recognition of Excellence Awards Program and will be awarded at the industry's premier technical conference, SmartBeef 2021 in Dalby Qld on 19-21 October 2021.

Entries into the ALFA Community Heroes Award close 31 August 2021 and can be submitted via the ALFA website at


Media Contacts:

Bryce Camm

ALFA President

P: (02) 9290 3700

Madie Hamilton

ALFA Manager - Membership, Communications & Capability E:

M: 0447 617 428



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