ARLP Course 27 Scholar, Jeff Schuller | Session Update

The Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP) is run by the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation’s (ARLF) and provides an opportunity for leadership development using challenge-based and experiential learning.

Each year, ALFA and MLA award up to two scholarships to lot feeders to attend the ARLP Program, an investment of $50,000 each. For more information on the program, the scholarship and to express your interest or apply for the program click here.

Jeff Schuller, Thomas Foods International Feedlot SA, was awarded the grain fed beef industry scholarship for Course 27 of the ARLP and shares his experience on the program through his latest update below.

ARLP Course 27 scholar update
by Jeff Schuller

Last week as a group we had 4 days of Online Intensive Sessions on Zoom. This time slot was meant to be part of our time overseas in New Zealand, which unfortunately was hindered by Covid.

These sessions focused on Impact & Influence - Advocacy & Action. Some key note speakers included, Han Worsley-Country to Canberra, sharing her story around advocacy for gender equality. Pastor Jon Wayside-Wayside Chapel, sharing his story around both Influence and Advocacy for some of society’s most variable people. Michelle Deshong-Sharing her story around Politics, Race, Gender, Making things happen.

Throughout these four days the messages we listened to could be grouped into three categories;

Values-Values based leadership, Values based Communication Inclusion-Advocacy in action, Values based leadership Responsibly- Making change happen, Future focusing.

Although it wasn’t in person, it was good to reconnect as cohort. After this week, we are very aware that our program is fast approaching its end date. At this stage we look forward to visiting Singapore for our last session in March 2022 with this part of the program encompassing Impact and Influence.

Having this amazing opportunity to be part of C27 ARLP has not only challenged me, it has enabled me to grow as a person and a leader. In reflection for my impact and advocacy going forward I have put my hand up to be a Mentor in the Drought Resilience Leaders Mentoring Program. I feel this is a key opportunity for me to give back to others and put into practice what I have learnt while being part of the ARLP.

Once again thank you to ALFA and MLA for your sponsorship of me during this program.

For more information on the program, the scholarship and to express your interest or apply for the program click here.

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