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Angus Lee - Grain Fed Industry Scholar on ARLF Emerging Leaders Program

ALFA, in conjunction with MLA, sponsors two feedlot industry professionals to attend the Training Rural Australians In Leadership (TRAIL) Program each year, each position valued at over $10,450 per person.

TRAIL is a cross-sector, challenge-based leadership program set in Canberra and region, for Australia’s future emerging rural leaders. 2023 TRAIL Program: 9-15 March 2023, Canberra ACT.

We are proud to announce that Angus Lee was awarded an industry scholarship to attend the TRAIL Program in 2023. See below for a profile on the emerging leader.

Angus Lee

Feedlot Manager Australian Country Choice - Opal Creek Feedlot

It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and met some great people that were apart of the course. An experience I’ll never forget.

Why did you apply to participate in the TRAIL Program?

The TRAIL program will be both personally and professionally beneficial to my development as a leader as it will enable me to learn the skills to positively influence the team around me.

Specifically, in my current role, I am required to lead over 45 staff members (not including contractors). I want to be equipped with the correct tools to be influential to those within the business. My goal as a leader is to be reliable and approachable so that staff feel safe and driven to further develop their career. This drives me to continuously want to improve my personal skills in communication, staff retention and staff development.

I see value to the business in ensuring that staff are provided with a positive environment including who they work with, and who they work for. This ultimately impacts the day-today running’s of the operation as staff see purpose and take pride in their work.

I believe the TRAIL program will allow me to gain more confidence in making decisions in my role. I am faced with daily challenges that require critical thinking and decision making under pressure, and on short notice. I want to develop and obtain the skills to assist me further in my role and personal life.

Why did you get out of the TRAIL Program?

I had two main goals from the trail experience, that I didn’t specifically want to achieve but wanted to become more accustomed and adaptable to. The first was going in with an open mind and not pre-empting my objectives. Not just playing to my strengths but also get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It was the public speaking side and sharing your views and thoughts that was the most uncomfortable for myself.

Changing from somebody who found it easier to do the job myself to changing to somebody that people can learn off.

The second was to not always lead from the front but allow others to essentially have a go and play to their strengths. I believe this creates a positive work/team environment and allows everyone to think and use their own decision-making skills which increases the individual’s own self-belief and be more of a value to the team which overall creates better results for the business. Its important for myself in my current role, to set and maintain a good example and get good people to follow off the back of what is trying to be set but not control every detail of how to reach the result and encourage that its ok to make mistakes and ask for help. Allowing for more independence and growth in the people that put their hand up and want to take on more responsibility. But also, important that I encourage and support that thinking.

The most beneficial part of the course was interacting with the other participants from different sectors in the Agricultural industry.

Understanding the challenges, they face as leaders in their own sectors which gave me a better perspective of how to better manage the challenge of managing people.

A common theme I observed when in discussion with the other participants is that we all want to share our stories and the stories of our industries, whether that be live exporting, egg laying, cotton or feedlots. We all have a great story to tell and are all involved in very innovative, efficient and productive industries. But feel the need to suppress this because of how our industries may be perceived in the public domain.

We were asked a question on the course, “What could we take back to our industries what we have learnt on the TRAIL course”. An answer that has resonated with me was “Be a good advocate for your industry, implement the best practices which positively impacts the people around you and who you work with and build from there”.


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