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Grain Fed: A history of the Australian lot feeding industry

Grain Fed: A history of the Australian lot feeding industry

A book outlining the fascinating and turbulent history of the Australian feedlot industry is now available for purchase.


Authored by well known rural journalist Jon Condon, the book provides a chronological account of the origins of the Australian feedlot sector from the 1940’s along with the key events and individuals that shaped the industry’s evolution through to the present day.


Robin Hart, former Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA) President and Chairman of the working group tasked with its development, stated “the book has been almost thirty years in the making with the impetus for concept emanating from a 1986 Dalby field day where some initial seed funding was set aside for the project.”


“ALFA subsequently underwrote the book, its first CEO, Bob Coombs drafted an initial manuscript before Jon Condon took over in 2008.”


“The time taken to draft the book not only demonstrates the efforts made to ensure it provides an accurate representation of the sector’s history but also of the fact that it was done in everyone’s spare time.”


The book contains over 100 ‘black and white’ and colour photos of key feedlots, industry leaders and other colourful characters involved in its evolution.


It includes interviews with all ALFA Presidents regarding their insights, views and recollections of the industry and the peak body from its inception in 1970 and recipients of key industry awards since that time.


“Whilst it has been an arduous task, it has led to an authoritive document that finally details on paper the anecdotes, photos and background of a history that may largely have been lost due to the passage of time.”


The book can be picked up at the Beef Central site at Beef Australia, at the discounted price of $25 each (that's 45% off!).


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