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Role: Mixed Crop and Livestock Farmer   

Reports to: Manager – feedlot

Location: Goonoo Feedlot, 20km from Comet QLD     

Company Name: Australian Agricultural Company

Salary: $54,000  - $68,00 


To plan, organise, control, coordinate and perform farming operations to both grow crops and to breed and raise livestock as directed by the Farm Manager or Farm Supervisor. 

Key responsibilities

  • Planning and coordinating the production and marketing of crops and livestock

  • Raising livestock for the production of meat.

  • Monitoring and maintaining the health and condition of livestock

  • Ensuring livestock are fed and watered and cared for according to AACo animal welfare guidelines.

  • Directing and overseeing general farming/feedlot activities

  • General machinery operation, repair and maintenance.

  • Facilitate the sale, purchase and transportation of livestock and produce

  • May select, train and supervise staff and contractors

  • Livestock and crop farming.

  • Management of casual staff.

  • Reporting paperwork.

  • Maintain OH&S levels are required.

Other responsibilities

​Communication in Workplace

  • Gather, record and provide information in response to workplace requirements

  • Participate in work groups or teams.

  • Participate in workplace meetings.

  • Interact with others in the workplace.

Perform routine daily checks & services on plant.

  • Check oils, water, fuel etc.

  • Grease and inspect for faults.

  • Clean and wash plant.

  • Check tyres.

  • Record usages and hours in logbook.

Service and maintain farm equipment.

  • Grease and inspect machines.

  • Check tyres.

  • Remove and replace worn parts as directed by supervisor or mechanic.

Operate tractor, carry out varying operations with trailed and mounted equipment.

  • Operate articulated tractor.

  • Operate 4WD FWA tractor.

  • Operate tractor:-

  1. Ploughing

  2. Listering

  3. Ripping

  4. Fertilising

  5. Rotobuck

  6. Spraying

  7. Planting

  8. Chaser Bin

  9. Mowing/slashing

  10. Front End Loader

  11. Manure Handling

Operate Tractor with forks or lifting jibs.

  • Pick up pallets and unload/load truck.

  • Pick up sling bags.

  • Pick up objects/equipment, safely.

Carry out Workshop Procedures

  • Weld steel with electrode, MIG or gas.

  • Cut steel with oxy/ acetylene.

  • Operate grinders, drills, airtools, press etc.

  • Change and repair tyres.

  • Clean & maintain workshop floors,

  • benches and equipment at all times.

Operate Property vehicles.

  • Carry out routine daily checks and services.

  • Maintain and service motor vehicles, bikes and trucks.

  • Carry out regular maintenance as required.

  • Report any faults and roadworthy concerns to supervisor/mechanic.

  • Operate tipping trucks.

Prepare and apply chemicals.

  • Obtain Ag Chemical Certificate.

  • Record all movement of chemical into and out of chemical shed

  • Mix appropriate chemical for prescribed job

  • Apply chemical mix at recommended rate

  • Record application: rate, product, day

AACo Responsibilities

AACo have developed policies and procedures which set out how employees are to conduct themselves, and processes which are to be followed.  The “AACo System” includes processes that ensure compliance with Regulations, health and safety systems, quality management systems, environmental management systems, and best practice in animal welfare and food safety.  All employees are responsible for ensuring their knowledge of and compliance with the AACo System as follows:

Health & Safety

  • Ensure a safe work environment for all staff

  • Raise concerns or actively address any health & safety issue identified

  • Attend and apply all required safety training

  • Follow all instructions given for working safely

  • Identify and report all hazards, incidents, injuries & near misses immediately

  • Report for work in a safe manner, unaffected by drugs and/or alcohol

  • Protect own safety and health and not adversely affect the safety and health of others

  • At all times Wear safety equipment provided for the job task or area

  • Do not misuse or tamper with the safe use of equipment

  • Promote wellbeing and health in your team by supporting positive work/life choices, having an awareness of mental health and other health issues, and understanding support networks  

Risk Management and Compliance

  • Effective management of risk, including the identification/ escalation and addressing of know or potential risks

  • Proactively assist management with continued identification and implementation of adequate risk management processes

  • Maintain an understanding of the legal and legislative requirements relevant to your area


  • Maintain and adhere to quality control standards to enable product quality goals to be met

  • Ensure food safety standards are adhered to and any concerns escalated or addressed

  • Support appropriate animal welfare practices in accordance with AACo policy and highlight any issues, even if the animal is not in our custody

  • Ensure that the model code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals – Cattle is adhered to

  • Identify and escalate any potential risks or breaches to quality standards in place

  • Ensure the development of sustainable production systems on and off site that meet our natural resource management goals

Qualifications & Experience

  • At least five years of relevant experience may substitute for the formal qualification

  • Plant operations/tractor ticket or licenses.

  • Sound working knowledge of all on farm activities bores, windmills, fencing, construction, machinery, earth moving, stockmanship

Skills & Attributes

  • Sound communication skills both written and spoken

  • Ability to work as part of a team

  • Sound organisational and problem solving skills

  • Ability to work under limited supervision.

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