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Reports to: Maintenance Manager

Location: Goonoo Feedlot / Comet QLD


The main purpose or purpose of the position is to fabricate and assemble structural metal products, such as frameworks or shells for machinery, ovens, tanks, and stacks, and metal parts for buildings, according to job order or blueprints. Repair and maintain all feedlot and farm machinery.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Mechanical repairs and maintenance of Feedlot, Feedmill, Farm equipment and Vehicles.

2. Ensure work place health and safety procedures are maintained.

3. Maintain efficient workshop by keeping floors, benches and equipment clean and serviceable

4. Work according to a Maintenance Program for all vehicle, plant and machinery.

5. Undertake regular services and over- hauls, and complete repairs and maintenance using, where necessary, power tools, welders and air tools.

6. Fabricate, weld and assemble structural metal products

7. Work to tight tolerances

8. Sheet metal fabrication

9. Joint responsibility for ordering all spare parts, oils and fuels for the feedlot

10. Operate machinery when required.

11. Assist with general maintenance of buildings and station structures, including performing routine daily checks and services of equipment.

12. Identify opportunities for continuous improvement in maintenance areas.

Health & Safety

  • Ensure a safe work environment for all staff

  • Raise concerns or actively address any health & safety issue identified

  • Attend and apply all required safety training

  • Follow all instructions given for working safely

  • Identify and report all hazards, incidents, injuries & near misses immediately

  • Report for work in a safe manner, unaffected by drugs and/or alcohol

  • Protect own safety and health and not adversely affect the safety and health of others

  • At all times Wear safety equipment provided for the job task or area

  • Do not misuse or tamper with the safe use of equipment

  • Promote wellbeing and health in your team by supporting positive work/life choices, having an awareness of mental health and other health issues, and understanding support networks Risk Management and Compliance

  • Effective management of risk, including the identification/ escalation and addressing of know or potential risks

  • Proactively assist management with continued identification and implementation of adequate risk management processes

  • Maintain an understanding of the legal and legislative requirements relevant to your area

Qualifications & Experience Business Experience

  • Experience as a bush mechanic.

  • Experience with diesel motor vehicles.

  • Strong structural welding or fabrication with fit out experience (Mig, oxy etc) with the ability to read drawings and follow instructions.

Skills & Attributes

  • Ability to work both alone and as part of a team.

  • A willingness to use a computer

  • Be able to meet all the educational and experience pre-requisites for the appointed FFB level as specified in the current AACo Certified Agreement.

To apply please email: recruitment@aaco.com.au;

or visit our website: https://aaco.com.au/people-careers/working-with-aaco

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