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LIVESTOCK HAND (Goonoo Feedlot, Comet QLD)

Role: Livestock Hand

Location: Goonoo Feedlot - Comet, QLD

Company Name: Australian Agricultural Company

We offer:

• Competitive Remuneration

• Air-Conditioned Accommodation

• Prepared meals in the station kitchen

• Development and Training

• Transfer Opportunities at the end of each season


We are looking to share the Australian experience and require employees from a diverse range of backgrounds with a variety of skills, talents and aspirations, and a strong work ethic to join us

Goonoo Feedlot is an intensive Feedlot in Queensland , 60km from Emerald.

Throughout our AACo operations, safety is a top priority and, as such, all employees must be absolutely committed to following our disciplined safety policies and procedures.


The main purpose of the position is to support the maintenance and feedlot staff with all maintenance, mill and operational requirements across the feedlot.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure workplace health and safety procedures are maintained.

  • Work according to a Livestock and Maintenance Program.

  • Work to tight tolerances

  • General cattle handling and movement

  • Cattle induction procedures

  • Handling and treatment of sick cattle

  • Operate machinery as required

  • Work in a safe and healthy manner

  • Maintain records and follow worksheets

  • Accurate reporting skills to managers

  • Ensure the tidiness and cleanliness of the feedlot

  • Assist and support the Livestock manager and leading hand with the implementation of AACo Policies and Protocols

  • Monitor cattle health, wellbeing and performance

  • Maintain a strong commitment to Animal Welfare, QA, HR and WHS will be required

  • Record management via computer programs

  • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement Health & Safety

  • Ensure a safe work environment for all staff

  • Raise concerns or actively address any health & safety issue identified

  • Attend and apply all required safety training

  • Follow all instructions given for working safely

  • Identify and report all hazards, incidents, injuries & near misses immediately

  • Report for work in a safe manner, unaffected by drugs and/or alcohol

  • Protect own safety and health and not adversely affect the safety and health of others

  • At all times wear safety equipment provided for the job task or area

  • Do not misuse or tamper with the safe use of equipment Accommodation

  • Days start at 5:30/6am with a hot breakfast made by the station cook (when on site)

  • Pack your own smoko and lunch for the day in the large communal kitchen

  • Carry out your daily tasks manage your own lunch and smoko breaks

  • After work visit the social club which is open for an hour every afternoon and till late Friday and Saturday nights. It is built inside the old saddlery and is a great place to catch up with other staff and visitors, while enjoying some sport on the big screen.

  • There is a communal lounge for all staff staying in quarters with a small kitchen for snacks and a cuppa

Start Date ASAP

Additional Notes

  • This job can be physically strenuous (demanding) from time to time. You will be expected to be able to walk, climb, bend, kneel, lift, grip, grasp, push and pull various tools and equipment. You will need the ability to frequently lift, push and pull from 10–20 kilo’s and occasionally more.

  • This job will require the ability to ascend/descend ladders.

  • You will be required to wear personal protective equipment, including hats, gloves, safety glasses, covered shoes, and respiratory protection and ear protection as appropriate.

  • This job requires the ability to comprehend written and oral operational and safety instructions and related rules, policies and memos, and to communicate clearly with your co-workers and supervisors.

Applications To : recruitment@aaco.com.au

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