Opportunities Abound For Beef

03 November 2017

There are plenty of opportunities for growth and enhanced profitability for beef producers, whether they be grass fed producers or in the feedlot sector. This was the overarching message to delegates at yesterday’s SMARTBEEF 2017 where a range of speakers inspired the audience with insights into a SMARTER way to do things.

ALFA President Tess Herbert stated, “We are so pleased that delegates have seen great value in the messages of the speakers who have addressed varying aspects of the industry.”

Carolyn Miller of The Honeycomb Effect challenged delegates to think about beef in terms of branding, just as the producers of gin, coffee or wine might think. She highlighted provenance as being an important element that consumers are increasingly considering in terms of product choice.

Don Mackay, RMAC; Berry Reynolds, Mort & Co and David Hill, Cattle Council all spoke to opportunities available through different parts of the value chain working collaboratively. Again, the need to really understand and respond to consumer demands was highlighted. As Jock Whittle noted, operators need to consider how they perceive themselves saying “It’s not easy shifting from a good producer to a good supplier.”

“The fact that our auditorium remained packed for the whole day is a good indication that the speaker line up held the audience’s attention and offered excellent insights” said Ms Herbert.

Robots cooking dinner for your romantic date was the scenario MLA’s Sean Starling asked delegates to consider as part of his presentation! He challenged the audience to think about how we can best measure meat quality, even in live animals, to deliver to consumers the product that they want.

“The application of some existing human health technologies to the red meat sector offer some exciting opportunities in this area and people were fascinated by the live display of DEXA Research unit that we had on hand” said Ms Herbert.

The potential for genetics to enhance the profitability of the beef sector was the message from a number of speakers including Rob Banks of Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit UNE and Marc Greening of Injemira Beef Genetics.

Over 300 delegates have travelled to Armidale for SMARTBEEF including hands on feedlot operators, livestock managers, students, researchers, grass fed producers and animal health and nutrition suppliers. Today they head to Sundown Pastoral Company for the final day of the conference.