"Love Your Work" Video Series Released

27 July 2017

“Love Your Work” is the latest engaging video series released by the Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA).

The series explores the work, life and commitment of three individuals actively contributing to different roles in the feedlot sector, as they express what working in the feedlot industry and their local community means to them. 

ALFA President, Tess Herbert said, "We’re excited to share these life stories that provide real insight into the people who make up the industry we care so much about. The stories highlight the genuine passion and commitment to our industry and community shared by so many who make up the feedlot

Ms Herbert also said that the breadth of opportunities and career paths within the industry is something that should be further understood, “The stories touch on some of the many satisfying employment opportunities the feedlot sector offers to people considering a career in agriculture. From senior management and livestock handling to quality assurance and clerical work - the sector really is full of diverse opportunity.”

“Feedlots are a vital part of the beef supply chain and regionally significant enterprises that make a valuable contribution to local communities,” Ms Herbert said. “These stories also provide insight for consumers keen to understand more about rural lifestyle, where their food comes from and the people who are passionate about delivering them high quality beef for their family meals.”

“It is important for the feedlot industry to provide transparency about what we do and demonstrate the economic and social benefits delivered to the communities we operate in,” Ms Herbert said.

The three videos in the series are online, and viewers are encouraged to share these stories with their networks. The series can be viewed on ALFA’s YouTube channel @AustralianFeedlots.

The “Love Your Work” series, produced by Morgan Productions builds on the highly successful ‘Feedlot Families’ series released in 2014 which has provided over 17,000 viewers with an insight into the life of families who own and operate Australian feedlots.

The initiative has been managed by ALFA and MLA and is funded utilising grain fed cattle levies.