Feedlot Industry welcomes Minister Littleproud’s support for Grain Fed Finished Standard

11 December 2018

The Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA) welcomes the Hon. Minister David Littleproud’s announcement to include the newly introduced Grain Fed Finished Standard into Australia’s Export Meat legislation.

ALFA President, Bryce Camm, applauded the Minister’s support to include the Grain Fed Finished Standard into legislation and our trade description language.

“The inclusion of the Grain Fed Finished Standard into Australia’s Export Control Act and Orders means exporters and brand owners can freely label beef that meets the new standard as Grain Fed Finished,” Mr Camm said.

“It will simplify the current interim process whereby exporters were asked to go through an application process to be able to describe and label product that meets the Standard.”

“This will give feedlot operators another option for producing and marketing cattle into a high-quality grain fed beef market once adopted commercially,” Mr Camm said.

Developed by ALFA through industrywide consultation and introduced in September 2018, the Grain Fed Finished Standard increases flexibility around producing certified grain fed beef whilst continuing to ensure product integrity and eating quality.

The Grain Fed Finished Standard requires cattle to be produced within a feedlot accredited under the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS) production system, be raised on a specific high energy ration for a minimum 35 days on feed and successfully meet Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading requirements when processed.

“Being included in legislation provides integrity to the labelling of Grain Fed Finished beef for export customers and gives confidence to beef processors and brand owners to develop and invest in brands that meet the Grain Fed Finished standard,” Mr Camm said.

The Grain Fed Finished Standard compliments two existing Australian Grain Fed Standards; Grain Fed and Grain Fed Young Beef standards. These existing Grain Fed Standards are widely recognised for delivering high quality Australian grain fed beef and so they will continue to be available without change, with Grain Fed Finished providing an additional feeding option for NFAS accredited feedlot operators.

“The Grain Fed Finished Standard will take its place in the Export Legislation alongside the Grain Fed and Grain Fed Young Beef Standards which are already part of trade description language and deliver a high level of integrity to customers of Australian certified grain fed beef.”

“On behalf of the feedlot industry, ALFA extends our appreciation to the Minister’s Department who have assisted with the legislative approval process in a very professional and proficient manner,” Mr Camm said.