Driverless Trucks – Next Generation Technology is Now

04 September 2014

Living in a technology age, where development of new concepts occurs at a rapid and exciting pace and where keeping in touch can at times prove very difficult. One technological development that has taken the mining sector by storm, is driverless trucks otherwise known as autonomous hauling systems. These operator-free machines are currently being utilised in full production in many mining sites around Australia.

The Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA) intends to explore further the extraordinary technology behind autonomous hauling systems at their upcoming BeefWorks conference being held in Highfields near Toowoomba on September 23 and 24. ALFA has enlisted the expertise of leading mining industry giant Caterpillar Global Mining and their Commercial Manager for Technology, Damien Williams, who will discuss how these operator-free trucks work and discuss their adaptability to a Feedlot environment.

Damien Williams said “the 240 tonne autonomous mine trucks operate using a Global Networking Satellite System (GNSS) and modelled mine map. Caterpillar engineers have taken our autonomous haulage system to new levels of productivity. These autonomous haul trucks can negotiate complex haul roads, respond to live mining operating conditions and navigate efficiently to and between loading points and dump sites”.

Damien also explained “autonomous and semi-autonomous technologies are becoming mainstream faster than anyone had ever anticipated. This technology will be used within other industries, including the feedlot industry within only a few years. Industries are being asked to produce more, with less resources. Autonomous trucks are one example of providing solutions to this problem”.

To hear more about this fascinating topic and how autonomous technology will shape the future of the Feedlot industry, be sure to catch Damien Williams at BeefWorks Day 1 at 10.40am.

Damien Williams, Caterpillar Global Mining. Speaker at BeefWorks 2015

Damien Williams, Caterpillar Global Mining. Speaker at BeefWorks 2015


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