The National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS) is managed by an Industry Committee, namely the Feedlot Industry Accreditation Committee (FLIAC).

NFAS Accreditation is separate to ALFA Membership. To apply for ALFA Membership please click here.


NFAS and the role of AUS-MEAT & ALFA


AUS-MEAT is an industry owned company that is responsible for establishing and maintaining national industry standards for meat production and processing. It has three main roles:

  • To establish and implement national standards;
  • To deliver training to industry operatives who implement the meat industry trading language; and
  • To monitor the implementation through accrediting Quality Management Systems for the enterprises that use it.

The benefits for lot feeders becoming NFAS Accredited are as follows:

  • It allows lot feeders to access price premiums by being able to utilise the ‘grain fed’ beef (GF or GFYG) cipher in export markets;
  • It provides the opportunity to access discounts on insurance premiums and annual environmental license fees (in some states);
  • It instils a management discipline that helps lot feeders more effectively manage risks within their operation; and
  • At a broader industry level, it provides a systems-based approach that delivers continual industry improvement whilst also providing the independence, integrity and transparency to allow the sector to defend its animal welfare, environment, food safety and product integrity credentials to external stakeholders.  As a result, it helps the industry improve market access whilst preventing Government and/ or customers imposing additional requirements and costs on the sector.

AUS-MEAT owns, operates and manages NFAS on behalf of the cattle lot feeding industry .  It also acts as the secretariat for the Feedlot Industry Accreditation Committee (FLIAC) which oversees the program.

ALFA membership is not synonymous with NFAS accreditation.  Therefore lot feeders who are ALFA members need to separately become NFAS accredited to receive the benefits that accreditation provides.

More information regarding AUS-MEAT can be found on the AUS-MEAT website (Click here) including NFAS accreditation.

NFAS Accreditation Process Explained

The NFAS Handbook - Rules & Standards of Accreditation can be downloaded via AUS-MEAT here.

To be accredited a feedlot operator must:

  • Have documented procedures in place, specifically for the feedlot which meet the requirements of the industry standards;
  • Maintain records that these procedures have been adhered to for all cattle prepared at the feedlot; and
  • Undergo a third party audit of these procedures, records and facilities at the feedlot.

All feedlots wishing to participate in the NFAS are required to complete a NFAS Application Form and lodge that application with AUS-MEAT Limited. To print a blank application forms press the print button below. After completing the application details and attaching the required application fees fax or mail it to the address indicated in the “Further Information Section” below.

What does NFAS Cost?

All feedlots are required to purchase a NFAS Self Learning Program at initial application. The NFAS Self Learning Kit contains an instructional manual, a Program Guide, a booklet on Feedlot Quality System Management and blank QA Manual to assist the documentation of the feedlot quality system. The NFAS Self Learning Program also contains a copy of all of the Standards and Codes of Practice for the feedlot industry, which includes:

  • The Standing Committee on Agriculture – Australian Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals – Cattle (As amended or superseded)
  • The Australian Veterinary Association Code of Practice for the Salve Use of Veterinary Chemicals on Farms (As amended or superseded);
  • The Australian Lot Feeders Association Code of Practice – Protection of the Environment (As amended or superseded);
  • The National Guidelines for Beef Cattle Feedlots in Australia (As amended or superseded); and
  • The AUSVETPLAN Enterprise Manual – Feedlots (As amended or superseded)

The cost of the NFAS Self-Learning kit of $500.00

Application Form

Click here to download a copy of the NFAS Application form from the AUS-MEAT site.

NFAS Changes

The National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS) ensures our Industry meets customer expectations now and into the future. It supports the continual improvement in production, the welfare of cattle in our care and environmental management within our industry.

In 2014, NFAS underwent an independent review to assess if and how it needed to modernise in order to continue to support the promise of Australian Grain Fed beef and ensure accredited feedlots maintain access to market premiums associated with Grain Fed beef.

The review recommended a number of changes. Following stakeholder consultation and input these changes took effect in the NFAS Rules and Standards from 1 November 2017 and were auditable from 1 March 2018.

NFAS accredited feedlots are encouraged to:

  1. Obtain a copy and ensure the revised Rules and Standards are incorporated into the feedlot’s documented quality system where appropriate by 1 March 2018;
  2. Review the document and implement any required changes to the feedlot operation to ensure compliance to the revised Rules and Standards; and
  3. Destroy and/or make obsolete the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (Handbook) August 2015 and NFAS Advice notices relating to Standards issued prior to this Advice.

Four case studies examining how different sectors of lot feeding had embraced the changes were prepared by ALFA. Hear from:

For more information on the NFAS Changes, please contact AUS-MEAT on the details below.

For More Information Contact AUS-MEAT on:

Postal Address:
NFAS Accreditation
AUS-MEAT Limited
PO Box 3403 Tingalpa DC 4273
Phone: 61 + 7 3361 9200
Fax: 61 + 7 3361 9222
NFAS Free Call: 1800 621 903

Or visit the AUS-MEAT website here.

The Grain Fed (GF) and Grain fed Young Beef (GFYG) criteria as stipulated in the NFAS standards are as follows:


Number of days on feed 100
Age 6 teeth (max) except where carcasses with thoracic vertebraonly partially ossified.
P8 Fat Depth 7 mm (minimum)
Meat Colour Score 1A, 1B, 1C – 3
Fat Colour Score 0 – 3

The cattle must have been fed in an Accredited Feedlot for not less than 100 days, and for not less than 80 days of that, on a nutritionally balanced ration of a recognised high energy feed of which grain is the highest single component. Rations must have an average metabolizable energy (ME) content greater than 10 megajoules (MJ) per kg of dry matter.


Number of days on feed 70 (60 days for Females)
Age 0 – 2 teeth inclusive
P8 Fat Depth 5 mm (minimum)
Meat Colour Score 1A, 1B, 1C – 3
Fat Colour Score 0 – 3

The cattle must have been fed in an Accredited Feedlot for not less than 70 days, in the case of females not less than 60 days and for not less than 50 days of that, on a nutritionally balanced ration of a recognised high energy feed of which grain is the highest single component. Rations must have an average metabolizable energy (ME) content greater than 10 megajoules (MJ) per kg of dry matter.

A new standard, Grain Fed Finished, was introduced on 1 September 2018. Click here to go to a page dedicated to this new standard.


Need on-site technical service & advice?

Our Feedlot Technical Services Officer Jeff House is also available to assist feedlots with the accreditation process. This is a free service for all feedlots.  Contact Jeff on 0419 262 207 or email