Australian Rural Leadership Program

Australian Rural Leadership Program Industry Scholarship

The industry funded scholarship is proudly supported by The Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA) and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA).

ALFA and MLA are currently calling for Applications for Course 26, which will begin in July 2019 and conclude in October 2020. To apply, fill in the details requested in the below form, attach you Resume and click the 'Submit' button to finalise your application.  


About the Industry Scholarship

Feedlot industry representatives looking to enhance their leadership skills are encouraged to apply for the industry scholarship funded jointly by grainfed levies and the Australian government.

Each year, one scholarship is awarded for the prestigious Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP), and two scholarship places are awarded for the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation Training Rural Australians In Leadership (TRAIL) Program, which are all administered by the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation.

JBS Riverina Feedlot Manager, Will McCrohon, who was awarded the 2017 grain fed beef industry ARLP Scholarship, describes the experience as valuable on both a professional and personal development level.
Watch a video with Will here:

About the ARLP 

The Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP) is based on the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation’s (ARLF) 26 years of experience, with a leadership model that reflects current thinking and practice in the areas of adult education, leadership and capacity building. 

The ARLP concentrates on the following areas of leadership development:

  • Personal effectiveness within complex settings
  • Ethics, values and social responsibility
  • Leadership thinking, dealing with complexity and analytical capabilities
  • Industry, community and regional engagement
  • Ongoing diverse relationships for peer support across sectors and regions

The ARLP is conducted over a 15 month period and includes five face-to-face sessions comprising up to 54 contact days.

  • Some of the educational highlights include:
  • An experiential component (to build a common, yet novel experience; develop relationships; facilitate problem-solving; take individuals outside their “comfort zone”; facilitate reliance of others as well as self)
  • Real situations (with the group working towards a goal that is of benefit to their organisations, industries and stakeholders more broadly)
  • Critical thinking (builds processes of taking in and assessing information in terms of higher order issues; reflects upon information in terms of diverse interests and needs; sees potential; manages ambiguity and complexity; questions assumptions)

Entries close Sunday, 30th September 2018.   

Successful candidates will be notified by February 2019.


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